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September's photos and words

Before I begin my post - I want to thank you for you kind words for my last post, I have found it hard to say out loud what I have been through over the last three years and calling myself a survivor proves to me that I have got through the worst and can now look forward rather than dwell on the past.     #mentalhealthawareness

September has flown by - I don't feel to have actually had much contact with the month. Oh I've walked, been out and about, baked and painted but it all feels to have been at a breakneck speed and suddenly, now as I type this, September has turned her back and is leaving after four weeks of changeable weather, damp, dry, cold, warm - any idea I had of shunning thoughts of autumn and impending winter by keeping busy seemed to have worked. The downside - the days just evaporated in double quick time.

A quick cellphone snap - one small cat feeling cold, snuggled under my crochet, where she stayed 'under sufferance' most of the evening. She did not approve of me moving the wip around as I worked.

Changing Foliage
Like me, it seems that the trees are only now reluctantly accepting the end of summer, as round here the leaves are just beginning to turn. Youngest goes to uni this weekend and there has been a fair bit of organising, packing, buying checking and rechecking details. Although his lack of presence will leave a rather large languorous long legged space in our home - the time is right for him to take the next step and he is so looking forward to it - he deserves it.

Like most of this month's photos - this one is from the archives, Pan sporting a natty cat-kerchief. I haven't lifted the knitting pins for a couple of years now but I have fallen back in with the crochet crowd and wonder why I abandoned it in the first place? I completed my first full sized blanket for a while, in shades of blues and greys and immediately picked up more stash wool and started another.
Once upon a time, I would regularly photo my baking - these days, it tends to get eaten before I have had time, so you are now seeing yet another archived picture. We'd spent a glorious ten days up on Skye, a beautiful rain drenched, midgie infested, sea held, mountainous island with some rather interesting (tourist attracting) shops and bakeries. We rather liked the Skye Bakery and worked our way through several versions of their 'lunch loaves'. When we returned for a while I made them at home specifically for the boys to take when out walking.  I really should make them again.

Outside our lounge window is a rather handsome web and grumpy spider - perfect.

My own choice
Rolling mist creeping through the fields above our house, slipping around the sheep and up and over the walls. Eerily beautiful.


  1. Great photos. The last one is just how I imagine the cooler months. Love Pan's cat-kerchief. Take care.

  2. A lovely set of photos. We had the eerie mist here too one morning, it was amazing wasn't it. I love the cobweb picture, I found lots of that type this month but the light was never right for a picture :( Sadly, I can't seem to see your cosy photo Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful link up, I really enjoyed 'collecting' the photos again.

  3. As always, such excellent photos, love the first one of Moss standing on the fallen leaves.

    A shock that the end of the month has come around so quickly, September has completely whooshed away. Whilst the month may have gone fast, Autumn seems to be creeping in extremely slowly here.

  4. Good pictures. September has dashed by, with only a brief mention of sun and relaxing and foraging..

  5. That photo of Moss should be turned into one of your beautiful paintings. :) And your cats look so cosy. They obviously appreciate your wonderful crochet skills. Lovely photos all round. X

  6. That photo of Moss should be turned into one of your beautiful paintings.:) And your cats look so cosy. They obviously appreciate your crochet skills. Lovely photos all round. X

  7. oh the cats are so wonderful :-)

  8. Great photos, I love the cobweb and the snuggled up cat but my favourite just has to be Moss in the leaves :)

  9. Lovely set of photos. So glad you sneaked Moss in. I just could not get a photo of a complete cobweb no matter how many photos I took. Fancy you disturbing Pepper with your desire to crochet!
    My favourite has to be the rolling mist one.

  10. Oh Pan looks so handsome in his scarf :) I want another cat lol And ok, Moss you're handsome too :)
    Great photos Kate - I love the mist and your web ... thank you for keeping this challenge alive - so pleased I got in this month.

  11. So many lovely photos, your furbabies are all adorable! I think I love your mist photo the best.

  12. These are a wonderful selection of pictures. Moss surrounded by the leaves in their glorious autumnal colours is almist my favourite. I say almist as it was a close call between her and Pam in her scarf. I love the supercillious expression as she looks down her nose at all she surveys


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