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Land of the Big Sky

Tuesday saw the passing of a fellow blogger, someone I got to know through art and then over the last three years we chatted, and shared artistic ideas and our love of the sea.

Jill - I shall miss you, I shall miss your daily visits to the prom, the gull gang, the dogs going for their walks. I shall miss your dry sense of humour - Jill - The Land of the Big Sky, I shall miss you.


  1. The COPD Jill had is such a cruel disease. I will miss her photos and paintings too

  2. Sad news about your blogger friend, Jill's blog looks very lovely. Sending love xXx

  3. I am sorry. What a talented and inspirational lady Jill was. xxx

  4. Sorry to hear about your blog friend's passing. Take care Kate & hugs.

  5. So sorry for the loss of your friend. ((hugs))

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