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Thursday was mostly...

Thursday was mostly like this, crisp icy air racing into our lungs. Eyes stung by snowflakes flying on the bracing breeze. 

 Thursday was mostly cold and wintery, the lanes were sporadically impassable, the dog was mostly giddy - like she used to be when she was younger.

 Our surroundings were mostly monochrome except for this part of the stone wall, where a weed seedhead left from last summer had been decorated with beads of snow.
Youngest began to roll snow, as the sky began to change colour.
Thursday was mostly wild, with dramatic clouds as if on icy fire. Huge jagged  monoliths towering above us.
Youngest seemed oblivious to the impressive display as he and the dog ran around. The lanky teenager still learning how to deal with his sudden growth and the elderly dog who'd temporarily had forgotten her aged bones.
Eldest, on the other hand seemed as captivated by the brooding display as was I.

We all agreed however that returning home would probably be the wisest idea. The added promise of mugs of tea and warm noses completed the plan.

We turned towards home, facing into the impending storm, feeling the icy wind on our faces.
Thursday was mostly a snowy day, at home with my boys and we entirely enjoyed it.


  1. Beautiful skies, looks very chilly though. We are still snow less but oh so cold out!

  2. what a beautiful day xxx those skies. oh my x

  3. Unplanned, unexpected days often turn out to be special. It looks as this one did.xx

  4. Thursday looks like my kind of day!

    Still no snow here, despite the weatherman's constant promises, but the slightly higher ground a few miles out along the lane is white.

  5. Fabulously dramatic photos, and lovely that you all enjoyed it together. We've had a few snow flurries here, but it still hasn't settled yet, very cold, though!
    Cathy x

  6. It's cold and horrible but so so beautiful too, as are your lovely and stunning photos, especially that last one. Suzy x

  7. Great wintery photos. My kind of photography......xx

  8. Those photos are both stunning and wondrous. Thank you. Take care.

  9. What amazing and beautiful photos, just love the sky, and what a fabulous walk.


  10. really enjoyed my catch up on your blog. I used to help Gran with the washing, tub, dolly and mangle! Electric is so much easier. Fab photos of the weather and giddy dog did look happy. x


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