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Crochet happiness - Ta-da!

Hi there! Before I waffle on I have to thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails about my estuary shawl - You made my heart skippity skip with happiness (and a weeniest-teenist bit of pride :)) but mostly happiness xxxxJ

We went walking this weekend, it rained, a lot, I got wet and cold and wet. End of story.

Now another ta da!

A week or two ago, Youngest needed some minor surgery on his toe and required a day at home with his foot up. To keep him busy I asked him to wind up some scrap wool from a previous project - a giant 'ball of wool' used as an advertisement for a wool festival we used to hold.  It kept him quiet for a couple of hours.

  I have to admit to being not only surprised how well he did but how he coped with the fact the yarn in places had been glued down as well as tacked to preventing it moving from it's wooden frame.
If you were wondering how much yarn he wound up for me - each one of those balls is approximately.......1kg (2.2lbs) heavy !
Still can't visualise how large they are (were)? That hook is my largest one and looks dwarfed.
See what I mean?

Anyhoo, now that I had these two enormous lumps of yarn and I felt that I had to make them into something...would be such a shame not to! Especially after all of Youngest's efforts so with a little bit of trawling around ravelry for inspiration - I decided to make a......Foot stool!!

 Is the size of a car tyre and weighs a tonne!
 Comfy for feet, comfy for cats, comfy for sitting.
Seems fitting that Youngest uses it the most :)

*happy smile*

I do have another Ta da! but that can wait for a day or two x 

Have lovely and Happy Monday!


  1. Brilliant. I've seen a couple of patterns for footsteps and have been tempted. Yours looks great. I'm sure the cats will love it. Enjoy your week. X

  2. Hello lovely - I just popped in to say a quick hello and to wish you and family well! Sounds like all happy family things going on as usual, caring and sharing, and I do hope Youngest's toe is completely better soon xo Joy

  3. that looks fun and a good use of all that yarn!

  4. You finished it! Great news. It looks very good and is already in use. Need more exercise? Just move this footstool around.

  5. oh that's brilliant x what did you stuff it with?

  6. What a lot of yarn and such a useful thing to make with it. No doubt your son is well chuffed to have it to rest his foot on!

  7. Ooh, I love those sort of feetseats, as being on the very short side, I need them. I have a pattern, so may try one this winter. Take care.

  8. This footstool is brilliant - how long did it take to make? A great piece of recycling :)
    Cathy x

  9. Glad to see the finished product. Do cats have to fight feet to get on top. It really looks good. xx

  10. My hubby would love one of those! Great work.


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