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Wolf moon and gift cards

Well, its not really a full moon yet, that's on Monday, but seeing we'd been trapped indoors by the weather the thought of a walk out after 9pm seemed such delicious idea.

We took cameras and plenty of warm clothes and headed towards to the local recreation grounds (on the hill behind our house). There was a hint of woodsmoke in the air as we walked up the quiet lanes where the homes looked snug  and cozy behind their curtains.
The moon was so bright we didn't need torches once in the field - it felt magical.
Below us were the lights of our neighbouring town with a blue siren screaming through the streets. Up here we felt secluded and out of reach. Safe and hidden in the dark enjoying our micro-adventure.
After a while, with frozen toes and brittle faces we returned to our village, dropping down past the village hall with it's tree - Although 'so last year' I needed to take a photo. Youngest and I had been planning to do all through December but never got round to it.

Home now, warm, drinking tea and planning our next walk out.
And Wolf Moon? It is one of the names for the first moon  after Yule or Winter Solstice. According to Medieval folklore it was named after howling wolves. 


Each year, when I put the decorations away,  I also take down the cards. Then armed with a mug of tea, several pairs of scissors, hole punch, embroidery thread and a bit of time, I happily chip and chop, cut and snip and make next years gift tags - so easy to do and excellent recycling (as well as a very good excuse to just play!)
 Select the cards you are able to cut up (remember to check the back of the picture side for any writing). Remove the back half then choose the part of your card that can be turned into a gift tag. Some cards can give you loads of tags where as others can barely give you one!

 By the end of the mug of tea, I had a pile of tags ready for next chrimbly time - job done :)

Happy Happy :)


  1. Sounds like a crisp walk, but oh so lovely. Great idea for gift cards and I must remember that one. Take care.

  2. The moonlight was bright here last night - but I was moaning about being bored and moping around rather than doing anything about it. Your walk was a much better idea!
    I used to make tags from cards - I'm not sure why I stopped doing it.
    Have a great week. x

  3. Not heard the term Wolf Moon before, so another day, another new fact. You are ahead of me with transforming Christmas cards into gift tags! I also like to keep special cards to bring out for next Christmas as some are too good to re-use.

  4. we've made our tags for next year too - it's always fun x x

  5. I love the night time walk, Tom and I often do a round of the streets when its dark and I love to see the silhouettes of the trees.

  6. I've never heard of a Wolf Moon before - your moon photos are amazing! I do the same with my cards every year - fun as well as enconomic and environmentally friendly :)
    Cathy x

  7. Your walk sounds wonderful, crisp, cold but exhilerating. I love your third photo with just a hint of sparkle.
    The moon pictures are amazing (T has a telescope permanently in our conservatory LoL) and such a brilliant idea for old Christmas cards.

    Looking out of my Snug window I can see the full moon.


  8. Thanks for sharing all your walks and adventures with us. Love the photographs again. Beautiful ones of the moon. xx Doing my Christmas cards tonight.


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