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I L♥VE February - welcome to my Heart-♥-thon 2♥15

I have over the years celebrated February with a a day and a bit of a story. This year is no different - So welcome to my Heart--thon 215 If you want to join - please do - the more the merrier!

Today's heartfelt story involves a delightful brown Bunny beautifully beautifully beautifully made by Suzy from  Rustic Vintage Country.

Let me show you what I mean...

I came home from a particularly stressfilled work day to find a husband, two sons and a cat standing around a large parcel. Each was equally curious to know of the contents but the cat was the most insistent!
I knew what was waiting inside and felt giddy with excitement.
Just look!
How gorgeous is she?  
We all oohed and aahed at her, the boys - their curiosity quenched wandered off, but Himself and I just kept marvelling at her creation.  Suzy's work is beautiful. Such care and attention to detail. From her crocheted hat down to a cute crocheted Mary Jane slippers adorned with a little crocheted flower and every delightful element in between was so thoughtfully made.

I emailed Suzy and thanked her for her wonderful little bunny and explained that I would not be blogging about it immediately as I was going to gift her to my mom and wanted to do that first so not to spoil the surprise.

She was carefully wrapped back in her tissue paper and hidden away from the cat who strangely wanted to continue a detailed investigation of the parcel.
 Fast forward a week and I was able to gift my mom Brown Bunny. She was delighted and text me after I'd left that she'd named Brown Bunny - Gwendoline.
She is definitely a 'Gwendoline' :)
 This evening my mom emailed me photos of a much settled in and happy looking Gwendoline:)
 Sitting on the settee with her favourite bag and her very own little brown bunny
 And the link between this wonderful win and February's Heart--thon?

Well - hearts of course!
Included in the parcel with Gwendoline was a little bag filled with love.

Thank you Suzy
Thank you for making both my mom and myself so very happy :)


  1. adorable bunny, and I love the heartathon idea xxx

  2. Such an amazing amount of work has gone into this lovely bunny, I 'm sure your Mum will cherish it.

  3. What more can I say but thank you Hawthorn for thinking of me and thank you Suzy for this beautiful, beautiful Brown Bunny - who is definitely a Gwendoline. An old fashioned gal needs an old fashioned name! xx

  4. The work in that bunny is stunning, she's gorgeous. The heartathon is an interesting idea.

  5. Gosh, I'm almost tearful reading that. I'm so glad she has a very loving home and family to be with! Love the name by the way. Suzy xoxo

  6. A beautiful and stunning Gwendoline, and wonderful you have gifted her to your Mam.


  7. How lovely it is to find a parcel waiting for you when you come home, and what a beautiful rabbit! I'm sure you're mum was delighted with her and that she's enjoying her new home :)
    Cathy x

  8. lovely. and there's another heart for you over the way....

  9. Oh such a lovely bunny and the name is perfect. I am amazed you've found time for your February Heart-a-thon and thanks for being able to do it as I do enjoy your hearty finds.


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