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Thank you! And a short hot hearty story

Hello! Welcome to my new followers - how nice to meet you :)

I was really touched by all your lovely comments for my last entry - our walk in the Lakes, I thought I'd answer some of your questions here and now.

Thank you Irene, Jak, Rustic Vintage Country, Threads through my life, MumJacqueline, GĂ©raldine BSaraJ (I wholeheartedly agree with getting the dog thing), I.wilks11 and Chickpea,  Yes it is amazing scenery. Years ago, Himself and I must have walked nearly every hill in the Lakes but now my crook knee would not even contemplate it.  I am trying to persuade my 3 men that they can go hill walking without me!

Hello Frayed at the edge and Angela - I have to say that the sunset was AbSOlutLy SpecTACular - the BEST that I have seen in aaaaages! Between the boys and myself we took 157 photos of the sky and when we went through them at home, we only deleted one which had been an accidental shot on the wrong setting.  It was amazing and a privilege to watch. It certainly topped our wonderful day.

The House with the Blue Door and Driftwood - our walk was just over 14 km and took us about 5 hours including stops for views, lunch and photos. Our boys have always liked walking and when they were smaller I used to joke that it was like having a couple of puppies as they needed needed feeding and walking and that made them happy! It is still the same, only they eat more and walk further!  I  love this area - views at every turn :)

Crafty cat corner I always try to take my knitting with me, it is great 'in-car-entertainment' and if I manage a row or two when I am out on the hills it feels like I am weaving in a little of that walk into my work. Magic!

Oh yes - and today's hot hearty matter-

A souvenir from a previous delightful walk in Galloway.  Only this time the walk was a mid-summer sweat inducing one! We arrived in a small lea of a sweltering conifer forest and found to our delight a wooden picnic bench which we gratefully collapsed on and had a most welcome break and drink.

Tomorrow is Wednesday -'Tipping Day' coz it is tipping us towards the weekend!



  1. I love the carved heart - it reminds me of the hearts I'd find carved into wooden desks when I was at school (that dates me!). I always feel happy at lunchtime on Wednesday because I know I'm over the halfway point of the working week :)
    Cathy x

  2. Happy memories of a Galloway walk. DnJ ? Wonder who they were. x

  3. Love the carved heart, hubs carved our initials in a tree in Sutton Park a few years ago and we go check on it every now and then, very romantic! ♥

  4. And Matt breaks up for half term tomorrow - so only one more morning of needing to set the alarm. :) x

  5. Just catching up with all the heartiness ... and struggling to believe we're already almost half way through February!


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