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Today I woke up having had a straight 7 hours uninterrupted sleep which after a moment or two turned into a 9 hour sleep. Must have needed it.

Today Eldest spent the day with Girlfriend. Youngest was bored.

Today we ate Himself's first and absolutely brilliant attempt at baking a rich fruit cake. Yum.

Today I finally baked my first half decent carrot cake (there have been some disastrous versions over the years - including one cake even the birds WOULD NOT eat).

Today Youngest's size 10 feet needed new walking boots.

Today the house is gently filled with the scent of stargazer lilies from my valentine flowers.

Today Geriatric Dog (formerly known as Giddy Dog) had a not so funny turn and is now quietly sleeping next to the radiator - an old and doddery dog :(  Not looking good.

Today I did some in-car knitting and at-home tinking........ Should have concentrated a bit more.


Today has been quiet.

Today is nearly over. A rather all too brief weekend.

 Tomorrow Geriatric Dog goes to work with me, hopefully she will come back home too...


  1. I hope everything turns out ok for your dog. I shall be thinking of you. Xx

  2. Interesting day, love your post . Hope Geriatric dog is better today. xxx

  3. Hope your poor dog is OK, The cake looks absolutely yummy, made me smile about the cake even the birds wouldn't eat, reminded me of a few of my disasters. The knitting looks interesting
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Sending lots of love. Hope Cleggy is going to be OK. xx

  5. sorry to hear about geriatric dog xxxx

  6. Sounds like are very easy going weekend. I do hope your dog is OK. Elderly pets can give a lot of worries, so take care.

  7. Your carrot cake looks superb. Thinking of you all and Giddy dog....

  8. Oh bless, I hope your dog will be ok x

  9. We are both so sorry. We know how you feel, she was very special. Lots of love xxxx

  10. The carrot cake looks amazing and makes me feel hungry, and I know what you mean about weekends flying. Hope very much that Geriatric Dog is ok
    Cathy x

  11. Oh, I do hope Geriatric Dog recovers, knowing from experience the pain of losing old dogs! The carrot cake looks delicious!

  12. brief but well packed ! xx


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