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Saturday was clear and crisp and oh so very cold - what a lovely day to have a micro-adventure!

We drove up to the Lakes early and with 'dragon's breath' (breath vapour) around our faces and wrapped up warm, we set off from the village of Elterwater.

We soon left the quaintvillage and flanked by snow topped mountains we walked up towards Little Langdale. 

Higher up in the valley we stopped for lunch.

How more perfect a lunch spot could you find?We sat in a sun trap and had to most glorious view. (Yes I am knitting....a party of walkers- all men - commented that they'd seen many things out on the hills but not a set of knitting needles - I say that they have not lived life to the full!!)
Looking at the above photo, we walked to the left behind the far trees, along the wall just about in the sun to the left of the tarn.  Our path continued through the fields in the middle of the picture at the base of the mountains where we stopped at that small pinnacle (Castle Howe)  slightly right of centre behind the tarn.  From there we walked back towards the snow covered hills on the left and then through the gap (centre of the photo and out of view)  
All the while, an RAF rescue helicopter searched the hills and the valley for someone - we never knew if they succeeded.

This is Castle Howe - the tiny pinnacle (I called it a koptjie) which was actually rather large once we'd walked to it.
We walked around Blea Tarn then over to Greater Langdale.
Our path took us down off the hills through villages back to the car.

As we were about to leave, we were treated to a fantastic sunset. So instead of driving off, we found a spot high up the side of a hill and just watched as the sun went down.

 Beautiful.....and the heart connection for February? Well Youngest had found a heart shaped  stone on our walk - you could not have chosen a better symbol for our day :) Just perfect.


  1. Such amazing and breathtaking photos, the colours are beautiful. I love the snow capped hills
    and spectacular views. You are so lucky to capture the sunset, the colours are truly stunning, and changing colours from oranges through to pinks and blues amazing.

    Thank you for sharing your walk.


  2. What a glorious walk - you even managed for find a kopjie. Not heard that word used for ages. Lovely photographs as usual. Well done Youngest for find the heart. You have your boys well trained!! xx

  3. Totally,Totally wonderful Hawthorn!!! I could almost imagine it were Middle Earth it be that beautiful!!! :-) However if I give it a little more thought much more wonderful to think that it is real. You must feel quite reborn after a walk like that....talk about blowing the cobwebs away!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Fantastic photos! Yes, yesterday was a great day to be out and about but I agree it was cold. The heart-shaped stone was a great find by Youngest. At least the men walking knew it was knitting! Often people see me with some crochet work and always saying knitting.... We too saw the sunset, stupendous.

  5. What amazing pictures - such a beautiful landscape. Thank you for the walk.

  6. Stunning photos - it looks like it was a wonderful walk. x

  7. What a wonderful day out! We know Elterwater and the Langdale Pikes from holidays there and have a painting of them over our fireplace. On past holidays to the Langdale valley we've been to a lovely pub with wonderful views called The Sticklebarn, and sat and watched lambs springing around in the fields there. Such a lovely part of the world, and a lovely post too :)
    Cathy x

  8. Just love that stone and the hills are wonderful. I used to do a lot more knitting when the children were at home and just like you I took my knitting everywhere with me. Sadly, you don't see it often now.

  9. fab sunset and a lovely red heart yesteday x

  10. Wow, beautiful photos and stunning countryside

  11. Fabulous pics ! and fabulous walk it seemed to be !!! Wonderful landscapes and hills there ... HAve a lovely and cozy day !

  12. Oh wow, you've knocked spots off my walk with that beautiful scenery!! How perfect to find a heart stone.....that reminds me, I must go get my heart stones out that I found on the beach....Valentine's decor!! Suzy x

  13. oh those skies. I had a wonderful holiday in Elterwater as a teenager with a school friend and her family, we walked for miles and miles every day and it was glorious x
    how long was your walk? I wish my teenagers liked being outside...........

  14. Fabulous scenery and stunning sunset. And I love the heart-shaped stone!!

  15. I am spellbound by all the beauty! What glorious surroundings! Love the heart stone! I'm sure it was an amazing walk. You are a blessed girl! Know you have missed your walking companion. Best, Vicki


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