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I ♥ Shetland - Heart-♥-thon day 3

 Day 3- Heart-♥-thon 215.

Remember I'd entered the Shetland Wool Week knitted festive bauble? Well, a couple of days ago, a parcel came through the letterbox. I might have squealed a little - just a little (depending on who you ask....) I may have squeaked a bit too!

 Once opened, out came an amazing selection of Shetland themed goodies. 
A magazine - 60 North, filled with the most delicious articles and photographs
 Also contained in the parcel was a beautiful postcard with images of fairisle jumpers knitted between 1890 and 1930 as well as a CD - The Authentic Sounds of Shetland, which I have played several times already - I am loving the reels and jigs as well as the lilting folk singing.
 More treasures - two pin badges, the one on the left Himself claimed immediately and pinned it to his walking beanie while the one on the right claimed my heart - it is hand knitted fairisle - how gorgeous is that? I am wearing it now :)
 Tucked in the packet was also an 'I Shetland' bangle - says it all :)
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a magazine to read (squeeeeee - can you see the knitting belt?!?), a mug of tea and some knitting to do - bliss :)


  1. lucky girl, the gifts are lovely and I'm rather envious of that magazine.

  2. Amazing !! I'm jalous now !!!!:-))) Impressive design, impressive goodies and yeah the belt too .... I hope you enjoyed your reading with your hot tea ! I wish you a very creative day ...

  3. Well done, what a lovely parcel to receive. xx

  4. oh that looks like the perfect parcel x

  5. What a lovely surprise. The badges are fantastic. Just the right place, on Himself's beanie. x

  6. What a great parcel to receive!

  7. A wonderful parcel with such beautiful treasures inside.

    Well done.


  8. You seem to be very lucky when it comes to getting gifts in the post....xx

  9. A lovely parcel to receive in the post, full of goodies! Very well-deserved - I hope you enjoyed your magazine with your mug of tea :)
    Cathy x


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