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Moving on

Thank you.
Thank you all for your kind words.
Your gentle words.
Your commiserations and your own memories of your losses.
Thank you for sharing thoughts and sending love.
Thank you.
Saturday's walk felt a little strange.
 There was a definite 'hole' in our little walking pack.

I have as best as I can, replied to you all on the blogger's 'reply-to-comment', if you did not get anything back - my apologies, I am not too sure how successful blogger's comment reply is.  Just know that your thoughts were all very appreciated and worked their gentle magic. *smile*

I have been quietly catching up on all your blogs - what a pleasant way to spend a quiet evening :)


  1. Such beautiful photos! They lifted my spirits and must have lifted yours too. Have some more hugs from me.

  2. What a glorious place and wonderful photos. I'm glad that you are feeling able to move forward and am sure that being in such beautiful natural surroundings was healing in its own right :)
    Cathy x

  3. such a beautiful walk xxx I'm sure it was filled with lovely memories of times walking with Cleggy xxx

  4. Your welcome. Oh, those pics are just so lovely. Keep them coming, lots more huggles and take care.

  5. Lovely photos of a walk that you shared with Cleggy. He was so lucky to have lived his life with your family in that beautiful countryside.
    (I too am not sure if anyone receives my replies to comments. I receive an email with a copy of it but I'm not sure if anyone else does, quite a mystery!)

  6. Beautiful scenery, and I love the dramatic skies in the last two photos.
    I am having problems leaving a comment - unless I use my google id, which I prefer not to do, as it won't link back to my blog, I keep getting asked to prove I am not a robot, or my id gets changed to anonymous and the comment isn't published. Anne

  7. I know so well what you mean about there being a hole in your little pack, we felt it when Jak was no longer with us. xx

  8. Wonderful pics!! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Weekend greetings, Nata xxx


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