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World peace ❤ starts in our own hearts

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Today's hearty story is a little closer to home.  In the neighbouring valley to our village is the hamlet of Wycoller, which on a summer's bank holiday is absolutely heaving with visitors but on a late spring morning last year, we found ourselves the only presence.

Wycoller has a lovely mix of ancient and modern woodland, medieval farming relics, wuzzing holes and vaccariesliterary connections and archaic bridges. The exclusion of cars except for the locals adds to the gentle world-forgotten tranquility.

Along the stream, through the village, are woven willow tunnels, domes and animals. In the large dome is a beautifully carved seat - looking a little like a huge upturned molar - with 'World peace❤  starts in our own hearts'.

How true.

Thanks to Eldest for this photo - my boys are brilliant at finding heart shaped things for me :)


  1. Just goes to show that there are heart to be found in many different places. We just need to look that little bit further. Maybe into our hearts!!........xx

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Wycoller; over 20-25 years since I last walked there! Love the seat.

  3. Such true words - and a lovely reminder when out and about. x

  4. Thanks for all the interesting links in your blog. Love that heart and I agree, it does look like a huge tooth. Wonder if that is deliberate or just the natural shape of the original piece of wood. xx

  5. I just can't believe you can find so many hearts, I'm obviously not looking in the right places.

  6. You certainly have found a lot of hearts! This one is very unusual, and inscribed with an admirable sentiment! :)
    Cathy x

  7. I live in Kent but visited Wycoller a few weeks ago, it is a magical place, deserted when I went. This bench really struck me, although the word 'our' is slightly eligible now, it maybe needs a clean up...it's such a wonderful sentiment and so true.


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