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This little piggie - Heart-♥-thon day 7

Last year, on a cold and wet January weekend, we'd been walking out on the moors behind Grassington, North Yorkshire.  The rain was ice filled sleety lumps and seemed to go straight through one ear and out the other!

We came down through the village, which despite it being a grotty weather weekend still had a vibrant buzz about it. In the failing light we walked through the little twisty streets and as people switched on lights, the village took on a warm and inviting glow.

The pig is a reference to the home grown pork that the nearby restaurant and hotel serve however, the heart is a mystery.....and if you look carefully, you can see that it is filled with glassy droplet beads suspended on fine thread.

Any hoo - onward to the weekend :) Have a lovely Saturday filled with LVE and other hearty such matters :)!


  1. What a lovely way to advertise their produce and a lucky find for you. I also like the pig!

  2. Love that pig and the heart is absolutely gorgeous. Those little rain drops are fabulous. xx .


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