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Valentine's Day 2015

This morning I awoke to find a bunch of roses and lilies and a card - want to know something?

I love him so much xxx

 I had to work Saturday so the boys came up afterwards for a walk in the Dales - I'll let the pictures do the talking...


In places where the wind was cutting we pressed on through the landscape and other more sheltered spots we lingered and just took in the view.

What a lovely afternoon xx

What happen to you today?

Did you have to work?
Did you get out for a walk?
Did you get flowers?

I can  happily say yes to all three!


  1. Lovely chap you have! I did not have to work today but went to visit my sister. We both had a walk along the sea shore in the sunshine. No flowers but a Toblerone to share instead!

  2. No, did not work, yes received a dozen red roses and yes went for a walk on my treadmill whilst watching the birds in the tree outside the window. Lovely pictures as usual, thanks for sharing a proper walk with us. xx

  3. Hi, I'm back and have just caught up on a week's worth of your posts. Now, don't get me wrong, but I love the pics, but am feeling oh so homesick for those dales, lakes and such. (and cooler weather). About 33deg here at the moment. I need to give you my email address as I can't seem to do the "contact me" button. It is all lower case: susandotsmith49atbigponddotcom. I've put it like that, as I've been told you don't get as many people just clicking on it. If that isn't OK, leave a message on my blog and we'll work something out.

  4. We stayed at home and played with our camera's, using mine on manual for the 1st time. Had a home made meal, watched a film, perfect day, just the two of us.

  5. Me again! Forgot to say your photos are great and that they made up for the very short walk I did yesterday! Will have to do a longer walk today if I am to try to average 10,000 steps a day, well I can dream!

  6. What a walk !!! I worked on saturday morning and I spun on the afternoon ..... Have a wonderful sunday !


  7. I had a bunch of roses and lilies too for Valentine's Day - what a lovely treat! Such beautiful Dales photos, and I love those crepuscular rays. Looks like you had a great day for a walk :)
    Cathy x


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