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Sunday's quiet thoughts

The house is quiet, Youngest is upstairs getting ready for bed, Himself and Eldest are taking Girlfriend home, the weekend is almost almost almost over.  I have done very little (intentionally little) apart from a bit of crochet, cooking and reading - and I do feel a lot better.  

I have been again greatly touched by your comments - thank you :)

I hope your weekend gave you what you wanted and what you needed - making you ready for the week to come :)

Bring it on!

While I was catching up on a few blogs I came across this....and it just felt right for the moment xx

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.      -Lao Tzu


  1. Glad that "me" time has made you feel better and am loving all that crochet. Are they a couple of cushions?
    I love that little quote at the end, as it really makes me think. Take care.

  2. That saying at the end of your post is spot on!

  3. What a nice quote, especially after a quiet Sunday. Love the way your cushion covers are turning out. Well done. Have a good week, not too stressful. xx

  4. wise and lovely words. glad you found comfort in them.

  5. Lovely post .... stunning cushions ... wise words .... Have a cozy week !

  6. Those words are so appropriate. As a friend said to me on Sunday when I complained how little I'd done of my projects at the weekend and how there wasn't enough hours in my day sometimes her reply was, well, it's better than being lonely. So true!

  7. What a lovely place to crochet! Glad you've been relaxing and I love the cushions :)
    Cathy x


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