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Hello (remember me?)

Yeah, I know, I kind of fell off the radar.  Life has been so very hectic that my feet have not touched the ground.

I have, over the days weeks written many posts (in my head) but they never reached my laptop, which I haven't even switched on in over a week! (Now that is really something unheard of for me...)

I was going to waffle on how kindness is seen as a weakness and that politeness is often misinterpreted for invisibility. (Might leave that one - a bit heavy going....)

I composed a medical comedy-drama concerning the number of appointments and referrals I had to go through before having minor surgery on my back (no wonder the NHS is reputed to be running out of money). But this is not fresh or exciting news - quite the opposite in fact.

I even drafted out a sitcom cops-and-robbers type farce to include being caught speeding on the way to one of the many doctor's appointments I have had to take time off from work for. I even have a cliff hanger! However even I am not interested...

And I've constructed some cat related silly stories and I promise to show the photos that inspired them. Sometime. Promise.

*Deep breath*

Work is busy, weekends are full, walking still is my release - so, please excuse me if I haven't been around recently but trust me, I am still here :)


  1. Hope life gets easier and you find time to relax and breathe. xx

  2. Glad you are back. We have missed you. But you speeding................never!!! xx

  3. Dear Hawthorne, life can get so crazy at times. Each of those scenarios sounds interesting to me. Just glad you stopped in to say hello and let us know you were okay.

  4. So glad you are back, but I've been meaning to email and must apologise for not doing it. I'm sure somewhere out there in the ether someone has taken some time out of our days, as even for us as retirees, the time just seems to be slipping away. I can't imagine what it must be like for parents who are both working. As you said, just take some time to breathe and we blogpals will still be here, to hear about your adventures. Huggles and take care.

  5. Stunning view, I hope life becomes more settled for you.

  6. That is a stunning view and I also know how easy it is to let blogging slip when 'life' gets in the way!! My mother-in-law passed away this morning so I may-or may not be absent, we'll see! I've just noticed your twittering, I'm about to follow you and really should get into the habit of tweeting more.....I forget :(

  7. It's lovely to hear from you, and I'm glad you're ok, although it sounds like you've been in the wars :) Trying to find the time to blog in everyday life is often quite a challenge. I have to remind myself that there's no pressure (unlike work!) and that blogging is fun :) Hope you find time to relax and enjoy the spring :)
    Cathy x

  8. So glad you are back; I was on the point of sending out a search party for you. I echo what everyone else has said. Funny how the best intentions of doing stuff turn out peculiar!

  9. So pleased that your are still there and hope that everything settles down for you very soon. In the meantime I wish you well!

  10. I hope you're keeping well although it sounds like maybe you have problems. Take care xx

  11. I don't mind that you didn't include the cat story/photos (I have a well documented aversion to cats!) On a serious note, I hope all is well now - and I can sympathise as I had the doctor at 8.30am and the dentist at 11am yesterday!!


  12. Hi, sorry to hear about the surgery and all that stress. Life's so challenging sometimes!! I can tell you a thing or two about it, too ;-). Right at the moment I sometimes like to crawl into a snail shell and hide from all what nerves.Things can only get better! So I'm wishing you lots of health, luck and relaxation, keep smiling :-).
    Weekend greetings, Nata

  13. At least you leave us with beautiful images to gaze upon while you away. Your blog is such a peaceful and beautiful place to visit.
    Sending you quick healing thoughts and love. Sorry to hear that it has been so stressful. Take care and we will all be here for when you visit with us again. :)


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