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Marching towards April showers...

Yes, I know it is still March, but only just. (It was when I started typing this - I suspect any minute now it will become April!)

March had to cling on by its very finger tips.  The weather the last few days has been lively at best and downright vindictive at worst. Last night the wind screamed around the house with blood curdling howls which were punctuated by hail hammering on the roof.

The last month was full to bursting with barely space to breathe. There has been good and slightly less good things all the way through.  Welcome to my March Round up :)

Picked the first flowers from the garden - a dark and freckly hellebore, bamboo and honeysuckle shoots *happy*

This month's 52 new recipes were rather successful. We had chocolate fruit cake  (yes CHOCOLATE! ) fruit cake, a surprising combination which worked. Smoked salmon frittata  (inspired by a recipe from a magazine in a hospital waiting room) the boys really loved this one. Home made garlic bread... This was more of an experiment which worked. *happy*

Witnessed the lunar eclipse at work with friends and colleauges - it was a strange magickal morning, as the sky darkened the birds burst into evening song and flew to roost, then as the sun began to shine once more - they all 'woke up' and started with their dawn chorus - amazing! *happy*

I had some minor surgery on my back, which despite several false starts I eventually had a suspicious mole removed leaving me with a 5cm long scar and, for the time being, a stiff shoulder and the occasional shooting pains as it heals. *sort of happy*

Had special silly moments with the cat pretending to be a diva*happy photo opportunity*

Eldest has been sorting out work experience for himself. To his delight he has been offered a place at an engineering business with second business requesting an interview despite them knowing he already has a placement and happy to discuss alternative dates. *happy happy*

I am off to do some 'speed awareness training' - something to do with whizz whizz whizzing past a speed camera (oops) so have booked some quality time with the traffic police *stupid me*

Work - as I may have mentioned is frazzlingly busy but strangely I still love it and despite being absolutely whacked out tonight (started at 8.30am and did not stop - not even for lunch - until 5.45pm) still came home smiling *tired but a happy tired*

Had some much needed me-time (guilty pleasure), did loads of crochet - three cushion covers completed - started the 4th cover tonight will reveal them properly in an April Ta-da! *happy happy*

I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely goodies, be a recipient of wonderful comments and emails, celebrated a fun family and foodie 17th birthday, walked some cathartic, some wet and some simply beautiful walks - Yes March has been rather good to me (despite the odd hitch :)

How was March for you?
Did the weather keep you awake at night?
Have you been recipient of unexpected kindness and love?
Are you ready for April?



  1. Goodness that wind - no damage here, but a definite lack of sleep. It's still really noisy now. I'm hoping it will calm down soon. March was good but busy. I definitely ready for April - some warmer sunshine and my birthday! :) x

  2. What a lovely post of March. Even if the weather wasn't the kindest, I think I'm just a little jealous. Loved the posing cat. Hope April evens out a little more for you, so it's not as hectic. Chocolate fruit cake sure sounds different. Look forward to seeing the cushions all lined up. Take care.

  3. It is 12:30 AM on April 1 as I read your post. So yay to April finally getting here. Hope your pain goes away quickly and everything heals and you are out doing cartwheels soon! Ooops, those cameras see everything, don't they? I always love reading your posts. They make me happy.

  4. Very windy here during 2 days ..... Terrible !!! I'm ready for April I need warm weather !!!! I'd like to say that your cat is a Diva .... !!! Give him many cuddles.... Have a lovely week !

  5. hope your back and shoulder heal soon xxx wild and windy here, hoping for a calmer April xxx

  6. Glad that the overall result was "happy"!! I have had some disturbed nights due not only to the wind but to another attack of TMJD ....... but that's an excuse to have a glass of wine (or two) which helps it much more than pills!!

  7. Yes, we were kept awake by the sound of the wind over the last couple of nights - it's been very loud indeed! Hope your shoulder gets better soon and I love your cat photos - very glamourous! :)
    Cathy x

  8. A mixed March. Ours was similarly up and down, and yes, very windy.

  9. Love the picture of a rotund Pepper posing. The latest finished cushion is fantastic. Love the hellebore, mine has not flowered yet. Hope back completely better soon. Hope the March winds have blown themselves out and we have a calmer April. xx

  10. There was a whirl in the wind in March most definitely and here it plunged into cold grey skies for quite a lot of it. Thankfully we have sunshine now at the start of April and a small amount of warmth in the sun.
    Hope your April brings smiles to you too!

  11. What a pretty cushion! And I like that kind of chair. How was my March... not recommendable, haha ;-). Hope April will be better! Wishing you a soon recovery & Happy Easter! Greetings, Nata


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