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Sunday walking

Last Sunday, the four of us planned a walk via a (new to us) bakery. 
It has a justly deserved reputation for making
oversized delicacies. 
We treated ourselves to a couple of custard slices 
and some vegetarian curry pasties

This 'little' gem took all four of us to finish it off! 
The second 'dainty' was eaten at the end of the walk. 
By then (several hours and many footsteps later) we were ready for it!
Along the way, Eldest spotted this hare leveret hiding in the undergrowth.
We were captivated. 
There is such wild beauty in the hare.
The walk was a brittle-cold one, 
the wind icy and cutting, 
not conducive to lingering and taking photos.

We finally returned to the car,
with our cheeks red and fingers stiff with cold.

And agreed, 
despite being very tired, 
that it had been a really good walk.


  1. The delicacies look absolutely yummy
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Custard slices .......one of my favourites but I think even I would have been daunted by the size of that beauty! Lovely pictures of the leveret. I can see you are putting your long lens to good use. xx

  3. Oversized is right! Those treats look soooo tasty, I love a good pasty.

  4. looks fantastic, and you earnt that treat for sure x

  5. looks lovely and yummy despite the cold!

  6. How very wonderful to spot a leveret - your photos are great. I'm astounded at the size of those custard slices - good thing you all had an invigorating walk first! Glad you had a good day out :)
    Cathy x

  7. Love the leveret. Fab photos (yet again!). I am not a fan of the custard slice (which looked huge) but the veggy curry pasty looked wonderful. Was it good too? Where is this new bakery as methinks I might need to sample its goodies!

  8. Looks like a lovely walk, even if cold. Ooh, those pastries look delicious, although probably full of calories (giggle). I've just caught up with some blog reading. Hope work isn't too hectic and I'll email you and hopefully blog soon. Take care.

  9. Yummy tasty treats you have there!

  10. You can keep the pasties, I'll have the custard slices please!! The first photo of the leveret is super ...... I am transferring my allegiance from owls to hares at the moment!


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