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A couple of years ago, I knitted what we call the 'Iceland Hat' for Eldest, so called as it was taken on a school trip to Iceland. A soft grey merino knit that has been worn and worn and worn much to my delight.
Youngest, at the time decided that he wanted a rasta style slouchy beanie, 
which I knitted and he wore - may be once or twice...... 
He asked, a bit later, for a knitted scarf, 
which I did for him, in the colours he chose. 
He wore it....once or twice......

Now, Youngest has asked for a 'Iceland Hat' of his own.
Hmmm. Does, I ask myself, history repeat itself? 
This time just might be different. 
Why you ask? 
Well, his girlfriend has chosen the colours and pattern.... 

oh well, I'll keep you posted......


  1. You never know! Have a great Bank Holiday. Xx

  2. fingers crossed. I have found children to be very fickle with hats too. I finally knitted one that was approved by the teen boy, and he wore and wore it, until it was lost on a scout trip. the identical replacement has been spurned...........

  3. Fingers crossed, my kids are similar x

  4. Good luck with the hat for Youngest! Hope the girlfriend still likes it when it is finished. If he does not like it, I suspect there will be loads of people fighting for it!

  5. Good luck!! I know this, too. Formerly my son always loved the sweaters I made for him and wore them proudly. The last one I made was done at his request and with yarn chosen by him. But do you think he often wore it at school? Exactly 1 time. At home at least a couple of times. "Oh yes, mum, the sweater is great, but I better like wearing it here, it's soo cozy at home" ..... :o). (Fledgeling) Kids!! I hope he will not ask for another sweater next winter ;-). To give as an excuse, up to now this did not happen to hats or scarfs. We will see.... Please keep us updated about your youngest's iceland hat. I'm curious what will happen, fingers crossed :-) Greetings & happy weekend! Nata xxx

  6. This hat is looking good. Your son had better be careful - if his girlfriend chose the colours she may like it so much she wears it herself! Happy knitting :)
    Cathy x

  7. Awwww our wonderful boys...when there's a girl in the picture, things take on a different twist. I say he'll wear it more than any other!! Best, Vicki

  8. Typical!! But now a girlfriend is involved it may be different!! xx


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