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S'prising what you see at lunch (• ◡•)

Summer time in Settle means an invasion of the summery-silly sort   (• ◡•)
Plantpot people and yarnbombing appear overnight like a rash!
Look ! 
Some of 'our' yarnbombing from the days 
when we held our own yarn festival a couple of years ago, 
now adorning stone steps,
corners, trees and light posts
Pot people appear all over town

Ooh look! I recognise this yarn bombing   (• ◡•)
My mom spent aaaaaages making these little woolly knitted clothes.
They get lots of admiring photos taken.

The involvement of the locals is amazing
Scarepots and plant pot people are sprouting up every where.
This green dragon by the 'magic of teenager high jinks'
moves around the town centre each night to a new spot
It has become fun to see where he ends up! 

I love this scarepot's painted toes 

Ooooh - recognise this chap?! 
He was lovingly made by a dear friend 'Threads through my life' for our yarn festival 
now he lives in the cobbler's shop
smiling at all passers by   (• ◡•)
And last, but not the least...
Two sheeppots made by Himself and I for my work.
The one on the right had a bit of a 'tumble' after a really bad stormy night
he is now lying down while his friend on the left looks over him.

We can hear people giggling when they walk by and stop to take photos of
our sheeppots in their flat caps.
Job done   (• ◡•)

Thank you every one who stuck with me through my 30 days wild - which we (all of us) thoroughly enjoyed- so much so that we are going to continue a similar style challenge when we have our summer hols  (• ◡•)
Enjoy the rest of your week.

hawthorn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. love the pot people. your sheep are great, and I love the dalek, but the dragon that moves round town might be my favourite xxx

  2. What a good idea! Amazing what you can do with a pot. I'm sure you have all created a lot of fun for everyone. :-)

  3. Lovely to see 'our' bunting and washing being used again in Settle. There are some lovely examples of the plant pot people. The green dragon is absolutely fabulous. I wonder how many pots were used in making him! Must be fun looking for him each day xx

  4. You made me smile today, I wish I lived nearer to see them for real
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Aww, I'd love to be able to see them for real, but I've had a good giggle, so thank you for such a lovely post. It's a long time since I've been to Settle, 1999 I think. Hope you have a good week and take care.

  6. Jak told me about the latest Settle make-over and I have not been able to get there (yet) but this post is fabulous. Just the sort of tonic I need today as it is like autumn out there. Yes, I recognised my spider! Thanks for your efforts to make us all smile.

  7. What amazing potty creations!

  8. This is brilliant! We've never had any yarn-bombing in our town - it looks like fun. The flower pot creations are amazingly inventive. The dragon's impressive and your sheep are sweet :)
    Cathy x

  9. Amazing!! Each creative piece!!! As usual I am playing blog catch up today...enjoy your pictures so much!!! Best, Vicki


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