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Waistlines beware - no low fat stuff here today!

Before we went on our hols, we did a bit of research.

It is always nice to find something different, something new. We check out blogs, reviews and guides and pick out places that appeal to us. There were two such places that really piqued our interest (and our tastebuds).  

The first was the Skye Pie Cafe.

The first time we drove past we missed the sign. Fortunately the next time we were passing, Himself spotted the small sign with the all important word....PIES.

We turned down a bumpy stone track and found a beautiful white painted house (which, for some reason, I have not take a photo!) I was distracted and captivated by the pompoms hanging in the trees, the yellow bicycle and the small but perfectly formed garden at the entrance.

Once inside the scent of baking was heavenly and while we made our lunch time decision (very hard!) I managed to take some photographs. I loved the embroidery picture frames, each one left 'unfinished' with a thread hanging down.  

Having made our choices we put our order in then wandered into the small gallery/shop in the next room as we waited for our pies to arrive. Again I've not taken many photos but believe me the room was beautifully decorated with locally crafted items, books, clothing and wooden articles. I even managed a sneaky row or two with a display!
Back in the reception area I looked around with fresh eyes and suddenly noticed the branch above the desk adorned with yellow keys. How had I missed that the first time round?  In another room, which had too many folk in to be able to take a picture, was bedecked with china tea cups hanging from the ceiling - oh how it delighted me!

Then, the pies arrived - bliss! We paid and hurried to the nearest beach - we could have eaten them in the restaurant part of the Skye Pie Cafe, but we chose Staffin beach instead. Each steaming hot pie was individually wrapped with the contents written on the paper plus wooden forks - proper fork-shape not a paddle type.
Eldest chose the Skye Mutton Pie (pulled mutton with harissa, apricots and coriander) and was seen with a blissful look on his face as he munched away.  Girlfriend and Youngest both chose Highland Beef Pie with rich gravy and they too just fell upon their choices and hmmmmed and chomped delighted with their pies. Himself and I both chose the Curried Lentil pie with sweet potato, lime pickle and spinach and oh - how heavenly, how tasty, how more-ish, how we all wished they were TWICE their size!

Our pies were things of legends, of myth and magic and total yumminess. Oh, oh oh.

Our second culinary delight was the Isle of Skye Baking Company in Portree. Our waistlines groaned at the delicious goodies we could have chosen and after much deliberation, we came away with 'lunch loaves' which were huge rolls ready filled with Mediterranean vegetables, cheese and basil, leek and bacon. We stashed our purchases in our haversacks and set off for a walk to Oransay - a tidal island - for lunch They smelt achingly gorgeous that we drooled ourselves silly before we could eat them!

Now that we've been home for a week - we are still thinking about the lunch loaves.... so guess what?!

I have been making them - the first batch was a spicy chickpea, onion and pea loaf  sprinkled with black mustard seed, cumin and cardamom seeds (they were scoffed in record time before they were fully cool!)
 The kitchen then the house, smelt divine!
Then, while I was at work, Himself and the boys planned a day out at the lakes so I thought that I would make some more loaves for them to take to eat up on the hills. This time - chedder cheese and basil. The boys texted me while I was at work to say that they were on the Fairfield Horseshoe route, had eaten the loaves and that they LOVED them! Yay!

 Eldest took pictures for me of their lunch spot - what an amazing view towards Ambleside.

Today, Sunday, still inspired and still being encouraged by four unstoppable appetites - I made the boys and Girlfriend - Bacon, Basil and Cheese lunch loaves and a Mushroom, Cheese and Basil one for me. Yum.

I now have a week at work to be good and stick to the salads!


  1. Wow! It all looks delicious
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I read this post before breakfast and am now hungry. I like the sound of the lunch loaves - I've never had anything like that before. Are they difficult to make?

  3. They look delicious especially as they have been eaten in such delightful spots. :-)

  4. Those lunch loaves are both different and delicious looking. I only went grocery shopping in Portree for a few minor things as we stayed in a B&B and ate at the local pub near where we stayed. Now that was interesting in itself as the owner was part of the Mountain Rescue team and had some great tales to relate. Hope your week at work is good and take care.

  5. I've drooled all over my keyboard! I think my waistline has increased too but what a delight, pies and sandwich/lunch/anytime loaves. Any chance of a rough recipe?

  6. I think have put on weight just looking at the photos and reading your delicious descriptions!!

  7. oh my.... how I wish gluten free bread behaved well enough to bake like this.....

  8. The lunch loaves are a first for me but they look and sound delicious, as do the pies as well.

  9. mmmm. Yummy. What a good idea. Reminded me of vetkoek filled with curry mince except these would be bigger and healthier not being deep fried! xx


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