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Gluten free (nom.nom.nom) chocolate fudge brownies (did I mention nom.nom.nom?)

A couple of weeks ago, some delicious and I mean delicious, 
chocolate brownies were brought to work and we all fell upon them leaving just a few crumbs.
I begged for the recipe and a list of ingredients with the vaguest of verbal instructions 
were kindly shared - it was all I needed!
So, this Saturday I, with the help of Eldest, followed the ingredients and tried to remember the rest.

Melting the dark chocolate with the butter filled the kitchen with such a warm and promising scent. 

I was a little unsure of the next bit. 
I could not remember in which order the eggs, sugar and ground almonds were supposed to go. 
I just guessed and it seemed to work. 

Stirring the almond, egg and sugar mix into the melted butter and chocolate was heavenly.  The scent made Himself and Youngest come and investigate and there were several offers to lick out the bowl. 
 Cooking times were also rather vague 
but knowing that the temperature should be 150 - 160 deg c,
 I would have to wait and guess by testing first by smell, 
then with a wooden skewer.
I think I got it right.
They were squidgy and warm,
they were chocolatey
and fudgy
and very

Now, seeing that they were so very successful, I went tinter-trawling until I found a recipe similar to the list of ingredients I'd been given. So in the interest of sharing - follow this link - it is well worth it!

I have also cast in another hat, but I'll share some details next time :).  Hope you had a lovely weekend and that Monday is not just the normal start of a normal week but the start of something amazing!


  1. They sound great! Can almost smell them. If the recipe is gluten-free, I will pass it on to my friend. I sometimes make gluten-free brownies and prefer them to the 'wheat' ones!

  2. The brownies look good and oh so yummy. Another beanie? Now, who may that be for? I saw one in a magazine this morning, that I've offered to make for hubby next autumn. Have a good week and take care.

  3. oh good grief those look heavenly. happiness is a gluten free chocolate brownie xxxx

  4. mmmmmmm......yum.....mouth watering. Gluten free, but are they calorie free? Ah well, I can dream!! xx

  5. YUMMY .... bet they didn't last long!

  6. There can't be too many calories in such a tiny square.... if you are worried about the calories Jak, I will make the ultimate sacrifice and eat one for you (if there are any left which I doubt.....).


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