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Sunday afternoon walking
along the River Wharfe.
beautifully quiet
warm and sunny.
 A perfect spot for a stop.
 Somewhere to drink a mug of tea.
 And to twirl around.
 A perfect spot to pose.
 And twirl some more.
 The perfect place to wear my finished 'Sloppy Joe'
in my favourite colours.
You betcha!
PS - Yes yes I know - it does need blocking - but try and explain that to a husband and son when they are ready waiting for their walk!!

PPS - I am still wearing it.

PPPS - Blocking will have to wait and yes the hems are supposed to roll.

(oh - think I may have already mentioned that :) )


  1. It's really lovely...the view as well as the sweater! I think it's great the way it is.

  2. Lovely 'sloppy joe', and scenery. We call our sweatshirts over here sloppy joes and thought it was an Ozzie thing. I love the River Wharfe, but don't think I've been to that bit. Thanks and take care.

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos of the River Wharfe they are beautiful, as is your Jumper - beautiful colours.


  4. Why bother to block it? Would that make is less of a Sloppy Joe? I think it looks great as it is. Perfect place to model it too!

  5. Love the sloppy Joe. Looks good. Lovely pictures again. xx

  6. Beautiful jumper and a beautiful place to wear it! I don't think it needs anything other than wearing! xx

  7. What a lovely walk :-)
    Just want to say thanks for visiting Bag End and leaving a comment. Trying not to sound like a weirdo-bloggy-stalker-type but have quite loved my reciprocal visit to yours. Later today I will be having a good nosey around some of your old posts; you write lots of things I think but don't publish.

  8. It fits perfectly and looks fabulous.


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