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Knitting vs the world in random bite sized pieces

In between studying, working, life and well....everything else that happens.... 
I am trying to knit - to stay sane! 

The change in the clocks has really messed me around. 
I hate the sudden darkness in the evenings when I leave work.
I feel - very very tired. 

Brain feels like mushed up cardboard at the moment 
and I need it to be super absorbent and super sharp. 
Not a chance, think will go back to knitting. 

I came across 'Star Wolf and Rabbit Girl' and instantly fell in love - strange and otherworldly however, the images by Chiara Bautista hit a chord and in particular - this one...........

When you knit something for some one you love - it comes from the heart.

Things will improve - I know they will,
I am an eternal optimist.

The book I am knitting from.
A mixture of art and artistry.
Maths and logical thinking.
Difficult for me to make
my butterfly mind 
fly in straight lines.

But, my hat grows :)
May be if I study 
solidly for one more hour
I can treat myself
with a row or two.

shhhhh - better get back to work.



  1. Hope that you enjoy your knitting and that it helps your brain mush! xx

  2. Sending you a {hug}, hope things brighten for you as your body adjusts, I've felt it more this year than ever (its an age thing an older friend told me - that was kind of her!) xxx

  3. Love the shaping on that knitted hat. Looks interesting. Hope it works out easily. xx

  4. Every day we are a day nearer longer daylight! I agree it is a bit of a shock for it to be dark at about 5 pm. Time to treat yourself to something nice, is what I recommend!

  5. Messing with clocks is so diruptive to so many people, but I suppose we need to live with what life throws at us. I do hope the knitting helps you to relax and the beanie pattern looks good. Mindless crochet/knitting of a night is my de-stresser. Hope the rest of the week is kinder. I must pop you an email, possibly over the weekend. Take care.

  6. I would just love to be able to knit or crochet a lot more! I like to be able to do some in the car when travelling to and from work but it's dark now. I have crocheted a blanket in the dark - last year - so I just need to get my act together and get another project started for this winter's car journeys.

  7. You wouldn't believe how drastic life alters with the change of just one hour, it's not like we're missing a whole day. However, every time the clocks move at this time of the year I find it so difficult to keep going all day, I have endless energy in the morning, stop for lunch and then, that's it, my day is drawing to a close, I'm rushing to do last minute jobs, prepare the dinner etc, all before the curtains are drawn.

  8. Hope your brain fog clears soon, it's a horrible thing to have.

    I too have felt the clock change badly this year, it's nearly dark not long after 5.00 but I guess if that is all I have to grumble about this week then life is good :-)


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