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Did you see it?

The skies this evening......
Were glorious
On fire
 Did you see them?
They even made the national and local weather report news.

And while I was marvelling at the beauty,
two teenager girls walked by.
They'd not noticed me,
they were so engrossed in their own
profanity filled conversation ....
almost as colourful as the sky
but certainly not as outstanding.

Welcome to my new followers - lovely to see you here in my little corner of the world, 
glad you have come along for the ride :)

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  1. I did see it yes, it was even better than the previous day which was very good.

  2. Wasn't it fabulous. A beautiful evening. X

  3. How beautiful! We didn't have anything like that so thanks for sharing your skies. xxx

  4. No, I didn't, but of course you know that. We occasionally see something spectacular & I've captured a few, but yours is definitely one to marvel over. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  5. Incredible!!! The wonders of nature ....nothing surpasses it!

    I very much like your art!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Stunning! There was nothing like that in Sussex.

  7. It was fantastic. Right from that gorgeous orange through to gold as it finally sunk below the horizon.I took so many photographs. Xx

  8. It was a great sunset. Glad you took some photos as I did not! The wonderful sunsets of late make up for the lack of warmth during the days.

  9. What a stunning sky! Too bad the girls couldn't appreciate it. Youth really is wasted on the young.


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