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In which I discuss rain (briefly) knitting (a little more in detail), birthdays (to include baking) and #30DaysWild

Now, I am not one to get excited about the rain, but today I am happily making an exception as I watch the rain hammering down the window. After a rather dry winter and a gently warm and dry spring, the garden is a little parched. The water barrels have been completely emptied onto the potager keeping the veg seedlings alive. So to see the rain, steady wet stuff, makes me (and my garden) rather happy :)
In my last post, I shared a snippet of my current knitting and a smidgen of the book I was using .... Sorry J, should have imparted more detail! So, I shall reveal the finer points ..

The book I was gifted is called 'The Best Of Jane Austen Knits 27' (I have linked it to amazon but I have no affiliation nor am I paid in peanuts/wool or books by them). It is also on Ravelry HERE. The wool is DK 'Colour by Numbers' by John Arbon Textiles and has been in my stash for some years, I was lucky enough to find three whole hanks languishing at the bottom of a box. May be I should dive in head first more often!
It is a gentle rhythmic pattern with a ten row increase until the centre back, then the reversed gentle decrease. I am half way as I type and really want to get it done so I can start wearing it.
When we collect and drop of Eldest to uni, I have two hours each time of dedicated knitting time - they are the fastest two hours of the day.... I don't often decided to repeat a knit but I suspect I will with this one. May be the next one will have rich wintery colours or autumnal tints, oh, what a wonderful thought ... one for each season in the perfect seasonal colour. Yum.

Sunday was my mum's birthday and the sun was shining. It called for a picnic birthday tea in the garden. It was such a pleasant afternoon, sitting in the sun, drinking tea and eating various rather calarifically loaded goodies while watching the cats bounce on flies, flop over and sunbathe on the path, tramp through the potager with size 10 cat feet. We rather overdosed on chocolate cake, butter biscuits, scones and homemade fudge. I waved my waistline goodbye as it rapidly disappeared.... must go and find it again (but not just now!)
Youngest has been experimenting in the workshop and has been creating sparks (I try not worry, but I do a quick finger count each time he appears ... yes, still has 10 - phew)

It is still raining. Still steady earth soaking stuff. Good. The water table must be quite low, the rivers and reservoirs levels are down. 

Image result for 30 days wild random acts of wildA gentle reminder of this month's Scavenger Photo hunt, remember - only choose ten words and share with us your stories and pictures.

Then in June, I am part of #30DaysWild and will be posting a daily 'wild' themed story and photo. Our June Scavenger Photo hunt list will be similarly 'wild' but is only the usual ten words.  

I am not asking you to join in with the #30DaysWild, but do ask you to pop over and see what it is all about - you may even be inspired!
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  1. My Beloved believes in making sparks; days later he wonders where the holes in his shirt/jumper/trousers have come from and what did I do while washing them..... Can't believe you are half way through the Jane Austen shawlette; I do like your idea of making one for each season!

  2. Is that rain or snow that I see falling down in your blog? I'm confused [easily done!] When my son starts Uni in September we'll have a four to five hour trip up so shall have to stay overnight. I think I might find some knitting to do too!

  3. As the reason for that calorific but delicious tea in the garden I would like to confirm the deliciousness of each of the goodies and say thank you for my presents and making my day special. Yes, the cats were amusing, especially Pepper with her harness and long trailing lightweight lead which I likened to a dragging anchor to slow her down if she runs!! Crazy cat!! xx

  4. A belated birthday greeting to your Mum. An occasional day of goodies is no bad thing. Youngest would love working with my hubby, who also loves to make sparks, sawdust & general mayhem, but it's all good, because of the lovely makes & keeping the household/cars/etc in tip-top shape. Love the shawl & have an urge to do another one of some sort, along with another big desire to crochet another mixed stitch blanket. Oh, so much I'd like to do and not enough time. Also, can't find good wool or acrylic yarn over here. You are blessed with a wonderful variety in UK (erh!). Have a good week & take care.


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