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What a tease

Ooh August you are a cheeky little number - what glorious blue skies after that torrential rain.
What a lovely walk we had on Wednesday, Youngest, Moss and I
The sounds and colours were wonderful.
Thursday proved to have a gentle warmth and despite the stiff breeze
was lovely to be out.
This time, Eldest and I were out with dog and camera. 
So very glad we were! 
My boys - now men - are a pleasure to have around!

Happy Friday 
and good weekend walking


  1. Lovely post Kate. Could you send some of that weather further our way. Take care.

  2. Great pics. But the second to the last one I am not sure what that was. It is always nice taking a walk with those you love and enjoy.

    1. It is a hare hunkering down in the long grass out of the breeze, delighted to see it.

  3. So windy today I just clung on to the railings at the Prom. Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Is that a hare? If so lucky you!

  5. What blue skies? I think I blinked and missed it. Glad you were able to get out walking. Lovely hare.

  6. Beautiful photos. We have had some lovely blue sky days in and amongst the rain, they are so special and great to savour aren't they, looks like you did to the max.

  7. Great photos, I love the third one. We had three consecutive days of constant rain here, yesterday (Friday) was the worst but today has been glorious with blue sky and sunshine - such a contrast to before.

  8. Superb snaps captured in your blue skies, ours are very moody and dull, with quite a whistling wind.

  9. Been away in Scotland and we had similar weather there. Love you photographs, especially those taken in Ball Park?? xx


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