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So, what did I do on Saturday?

Thank you again dear fellow photo hunters, last week's photos and stories were amazing. I loved the variety and the stories accompanying the photos. Please never feel that your stories are not worth reading or that your photos are not good enough - this space is a safe space, we are all experiencing a strange new normal and by supporting each other and keeping in touch by blogging and commenting - it is our strength, our super-power and our bond. Don't ever feel that you are not good enough - we are all good enough, we are who we are and we will work through these strange times. Blogging is one way of holding onto something we did before and it will be something that we will do through this pandemic and come out the other side a whole lot stronger.

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Saturday was a go-to-work day. 
Both Thursday and Friday had been rather unpleasant commutes.
A 'heady' mix  of more cars on the motorway than you would expect seeing we are under another lockdown (and yes I am aware I am one of those cars) as well as multiple roadworks creating chaos and backlog. 
Then there were the blizzards... 
Thursday was a complete white out - the snow was sticking to the road and visibility was atrocious.
Friday was rinse and repeat of Thursday's commute, 
so by Saturday,  I decided to go a little earlier. 
Erhm. I was practically the only car on the road! 
But I did still have to drive through driving sleet and snow...... 

However, by the time I landed at the walled kitchen garden, 
the snow had become a light flurry of gentle feathery flakes. 
I was handed a mug of steaming tea and breathing deeply, 
I stepped into Narnia.
As beautiful as it was, I was there to work, and work I do
  I am averaging 4 miles a day whilst I am there .... 
I shall have biceps and triceps to die for!  *chuckle*.  
The morning was filled with barrowing compost and woodchip,
there is a lot of groundwork to do before anything can be planted out. 
In the afternoon I coached new volunteers - a mum and daughter bubble.  
We all wore masks and worked with windows and doors open, 
which made the chilly temperatures even more frisky brrrrrrr!
But it was worth it, when the daughter who was so very reluctant to attend, 
agreed to come back - I call that a win.

The days fly by, Moss and I come home knackered and starving - 😊 
funnily enough, the next day we are keen to get back,
think we might just both like what we are doing !

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  1. Wow, you are one amazing lady!!! I hated driving in snow when we lived in Batlow & it was never very much or often. I can't wait to see the garden in all it's glory come Spring and well done to you and Moss for loving what you are doing. We've nowhere even similar here to be able to volunteer for something like that. Take care, stay warm & safe & huggles.

    1. Thank you Susan, no not keen with driving in the snow, wonder if that is with growing up in Africa, or for you, Australia, does not prepare is for it?

  2. It certainly sounds like you have found a perfect job in such a beautiful garden and what a lot of snow you had, on many more days compared to here in Suffolk where we had almost nothing

    1. Thanks Sue, so far so good, I have though, had enough of the snow!

  3. Loving looking at the pictures from your new job; the lean-to greenhouse (needs a grander word to describe it, hot house?) is lovely. Last week's word MOON was one of the best. I really enjoyed the photos. Thanks for organising us all. x

    1. Thank you 😊 Yes, MOON went down really well! The greenhouse is a Victorian long greenhouse (it does what it says on the tin hahah)

  4. That garden is going to give you so much joy 😃. It was very Narnia like here yesterday. We headed to see my dad and I kept getting my husband to pull over so I could take photos of views that we pass everyday and normally look quite drab at this time of year but they were truly beautiful. I’m sure it won’t be long before they get shared 😃

    1. thank you Carol 😊 will keep an eye out for your photos x

  5. I hate driving in inclement weather, but sometimes it is necessary. Sounds like you and Moss are really enjoying your new job. Good for you... have a great week!

  6. Thanks so much for your inspiring first paragraph. I shall treasure it. I'm glad you've got help at the garden - I was wondering how you would manage as it looks like a big place. Will you get help with some of the heavy work? It's tough enough trundling around compost and manure for my small veg patch. How lovely that you managed to enthuse someone young - that's SO important. x

    1. You are welcome Belinda, I think folk need (we all need) reminding that we are 'enough' and not to feel diminished in anyway.
      I am the only trained gardener there - I do have an apprentice who helps on a Friday and Saturday and I have just been allocated a 'heavy' (who is the nicest bloke you can imagine) from the council to do some grunt work for me two mornings a week, when I explained that due to working with volunteers I lose six hours a week. That lass is not my youngest volunteer, on Saturday I was working with a six year old. I needed a lie down after that session!

    2. How you have time for blogging as well, I can't think.

  7. Just beautiful and your photos capture so well that cold in the air and the crispness of the snow ;the Narnia effect :-) I can practically see that steam rising from your hot cup of tea! I have never driven in the snow personally but I was co-pilot for Sr P when we were driving in the Pyrenees one Christmas and we got stuck! Luckily a park warden was right behind us and helped by putting the chains on the tyres which Sr P had bought but didn't know how to put on...!! keep well Amanda x


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