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Oh my dog!

Wen da wind ruffles thru my furs dat is da best an'  iz a happy dog

Not sure why, but not complainin',
 but wen she lifts me on her lap an i wears da seatbelt,
iz allowed to sniff da air - she sez only on da small lanes where dare is no ovver cars.
Oh my dog - she's got dat camera box fing again - she's alwayz pointin' it dat me ....

oh wells, shall ignors the box and her,
just feels da wind in my furs.
I likes it, I likes it a lot. 

PS 'she' here - we were trundling along a really small quiet little lane and on a whim I pulled Moss up on to the seat, clipped her into the seat belt and hung on to her collar. I needn't have worried, she just sniffed the air, had her paws on the window ledge and the shear bliss on her face was too good not to photograph. She did spot me and gave me a really good snidey-side-eye look - unfortunately I missed it and managed to snap a slightly less exasperated one - apologies for poor quality photographs, a combination of dog on lap, bumpy lane, photographing through a mucky window at a rear view mirror and using just one hand - but they were too sweet not to share 🐾

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  1. Loved it you naughty girl!!!!!!! Take care & hugs.

    1. She loved it so much - might have to do it again for her :)

  2. Ollie was allowed to do the same on occasions, with the same safety precautions.

    The bliss on his face was worth every moment of the severe discomfort of 25kg of dog on my lap as I hung onto him whilst he tried to put half his body out of the window!!

    1. You are soooo right about the look of bliss on her face - I will do it again - if and when the right occasion. I thought she was heavy at 16kg - phew - Ollie will have flattened you!!

  3. That's one happy dog! When dogs bark at each other, sometimes I think they are bragging about who has been sniff driving around in a truck. Lulu x

  4. What is it with dogs poking their heads (and sometimes upper body) outside of a moving vehicle? But they seem to love it. At least you held onto her so she could not 'fall out' in her endeavours to get more of a particular sniff! Personally, I hate wind blowing on my face and all my car windows stay shut! x

  5. Oh! Moss ... there you go enjoying life. I do wish us humans could appreciate the simple things in life more and just poke their heads out of the car window to catch the wind ,ruffle the fur and enjoy the moment. Love you you gorgeous gal! Amanda x


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