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It has been quite a while since I have done any crochet, knitting suddenly seemed to take over and work filled up the rest of my time.
Then yesterday evening, I sat outside with Himself in the evening warmth and felt an itch. A crochet itch.
 I almost tried to suppress it then I decided that I would give in and soon ruffled around in my cotton yarns and found several shades of blue....an idea began to formulate.  I washed out an olive jar that I had already designated to the recycling, removed its label and lid and started crafting.
The next morning, with help from Pepper, I crocheted a few more rows then it was time to pack up for a walk. Of course I took my WIP with me and when I could, did a row or two more.
Then, on the way home in the car, I finished the last few rows.
 Filled with a sprig of alchemilla mollis and a few sweet peas it make my heart skippity skip 
and I am happy happy happy :)
Oh crochet - why have I left it you so-oo long!?!


  1. Beautiful Pepper and beautiful jar cover Hawthorn! I'm so glad that Pepper was able to help you out with it - she is obviously mesmerised by it!!!
    Joy x

  2. Welcome back to crochet, it's very pretty

  3. That looks really lovely, what an excellent idea!

  4. That is really lovely. You could actually have a couple of jar covers in other colours so you could change to tone in with the flowers. Easy to store if they are just crocheted covers. xx

  5. I agree with Angela, welcome back to crochet! Glad to see Pepper is also interested in crochet.....


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