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Guess where we've been? Holiday roundup

It has been a bit quiet on the blogging front - initially due to work, but latterly to a glorious combination of a holiday cottage in a woodland, the nearby sea, miles of pale sand and endless blue skies - bliss.

Last Saturday, we'd set off early in the morning with the idea of having lunch in Northumberland - oh how wonderful that sounds.... Lunch in Northumberland.

What a wonderful setting we had - a deep purple heather covered valley at the foot of the Cheviots. It would be silly not to partake in a post prandial potter over those hills - so guess what we did? Yup, it was wonderful to feel that breeze blow over us and make us so ready to go and find our cottage.
 We drove up to the small hamlet where we found our home from home for a week - a small but perfectly formed wooden log cabin (we found out later that it had been imported from the USA)
We lacked for nothing - every little homely touch had been catered for. (I have taken loads of photos and will share at a later post) We explored each and every room and were delighted with all the extras that were there for us to use. Youngest adored and now hankers for (well - if I am honest I also had a teeny weeny dose of the wanties) for the wonderful woodpecker door knocker. I don't think a day went by without one of us pulling the cord making the woodpecker tap a noisy welcome!
Then, once we'd unpacked our meagre belongings (an exercise in minimalism - another story) I went to explore the garden - a whole acre and a half - just for us! Squeeeee!

Then, just when I thought it could not get better, in the evening when Himself and I took giddy dog for her final evening constitutional walk - we were gifted the most glorious slash of evening sunlight - aaahhh.

What a wonderful end to a wonderful start of our holiday - more to follow :)

love hawthorn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS - good to be back blogging


  1. Welcome back! Missed you. I too want a woodpecker door knocker and also have a slight hankering for the cabin!

  2. sounds wonderful, tell us more

  3. Can't wait to see more pictures........and a woodpecker door knocker, how fitting.

  4. How wonderful that you could get away and enjoy such beautiful calming surroundings with no work, or cleaning and decorating; just 'being'! Delightful pics, thanks for sharing them!
    Joy x


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