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How to - Cheat's cheesecake - oh yum yum!

Whilst away, I found - be still my leaping taste buds - a cheat's cheesecake - oh my - I can feel the calories as I speak but do I care ? Not one jot, I would make it again (and I will) if my waistline will allow it......

It is a simple and almost instant pudding and one taste is a rich mouthful of instant gratification - stop it! I must stop, my mouth is watering and the weighing scales are trembling but I will reveal this desert this instant, if only to share the pleasure! (***Sensible instructions and ingredients are at the end of this post)

BUT! before I go on, I have to apologise for the quality of some of the photos - something has happened to my flash which I need to sort out but I soldiered on and took photos with you in mind :)

1. Crush digestives and add to.....
2. Melted butter and chuck into the base of a suitable dish (anything is suitable just get it made!) Pop into the fridge and allow to settle into a buttery biscuit base.
3. Whisk together the condensed milk and cream cheese....
4. Until a yummy creamy soft mix is formed.

1. Squish the juice of two lemons into the creamy mix and stir - now the magic begins!
2. The soft creamy yumminess becomes thicker and more 'cheesecake' - ladle this delicious gloop on to the buttery biscuit base.
3. Hull and chop enough strawberries to cover the cheesecake - we ummm, errr, we didn't quite have enough strawberries as there had been an awful amount of quality testing. (By the means of dunking directly into a tub of double cream - but this we will mention no more......)
4. In a microwavable dish add one heaped tablespoons of a suitable red jam (strawberry or raspberry) and one tablespoon of water - soften the jam in the microwave mixing well with the water, toss in the strawberries and ensure they are well coated in this jammy juice. Pour this gorgeous strawberry pile of fruity flavour on to your cheesecake.

Stand back and admire (briefly) then reach for a spoon and tuck in!
Please note distinctive lack of strawberries - already explained, however this deficiency was more than made up for it by the remains of the tub of double cream (mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm)

WARNING: Not only is this cheesecake extremely yummy it is also rather rich - small portions are recommended however, those made of sterner stuff - get in!

Happiness level?        Off the scale
Calorific level?           Ditto!
Alterations and amendments? I didn't use as much jam and added the water to make the jammy glaze softer and easier to coat the strawberries.
Do it again?                Definitely! And that is a unanimous vote from my boys (and me!)

Link for the Strawberry Cheesecake HERE


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy. Flash or no flash, if it tasted as good as it looks, then mmmmmmmyummy again!!

  2. How I envy your break in Northumberland, we were there last year. Such lovely unspoilt beaches. The cheese cake sounds delicious, no wonder its a hit with your family!

  3. Oh golly gosh, this sounds wonderful. Having read this (in fact I read it twice) I do declare my waist has increased!!! Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  4. Oh what a mouth-watering treat, and so simple too! Thanks for sharing Hawthorn!
    Joy x

  5. What a mouth-watering treat Hawthorn, and so easy too! Thanks for sharing!
    Joy x

  6. Ohhhh..... that looks soooo yummy and it sounds easy enough for even me to have a go at!


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