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coffee and paste

Making : Still knitting Himself's Skepp-o-hoj jumper - but nearly finished. Amd itching to start something new.
Cooking : Strawberry cheesecake and pizza pies for birthday boys.
Drinking : Peppermint tea.
Reading: Strands. A year of Discovery - by Jean Sprackland
Wanting: Summer to return, it seems to have slipped into autumn.
Looking: At my two cats sleeping curled up tight.
Playing: Been playing 'Sharp Shooter' a die game and 'German Whist' a card game both with Youngest.
Wasting: Learning time - have a huge file to work through and keep avoiding looking at it.
Sewing: Three patchwork quilts - originally made and sewn by hand by Himself's Grandma,  - some of the patches need replacing.
Wishing: I had more time to knit. And cook. And garden. And walk.
Enjoying: Sitting in my 'yarden' our small back yard is now full of pots and plants, fairy lights and a comfy bench - a good place to knit.
Waiting: To go off to bed - as usual I am up way toooooo late but it is easier to blog than motivate myself for bedtime!
Liking: A new blog I have found that has the most delicious recipes - I need the inspiration to change our menu plan.
Wondering:How much 'stuff' we can get rid of - our decluttering is in full swing and boxes and boxes of things are going out the door - it feels WONDERFUL!
Loving: The fact the cats are loving their precious time outside in their 'yarden'.
Hoping:That next week's weather improves so that Himself and the boys can go camping up in the lakes without getting wet.
Marvelling: At how many blooms the sweet pea flowers are now producing after a disappointing start.
Needing: To wash my hair but ....see - Waiting above.
Smelling: The huge bunch of sweet peas I picked yesterday, their scent has filled the air with their sweet sweet scent.
Wearing: Jeans, fleece, socks, crocheted shawl - it is definitely getting cooler.
Following: A daily colour code diary - gives inspiration, insight and gently motivates.
Noticing: That the nerve twitch in my right eyelid is still flickering.
Knowing: That I haven't put the milk away from the last brew I made for everyone.
Thinking: The carpet needs cleaning - again.
Feeling: Ready to go back to work - two weeks off has certainly done me a world of good.
Bookmarking: Crochet and knitting blogs - itching to try something new.
Opening: The airing cupboard to put another duvet on the bed.
Giggling: About a dated music video on the television - they are playing  tracks from the charts of 1995 - oh gosh - it wasn't REALLY that long ago - was it??
Feeling: Tired, going off to bed - no really, I mean it this time!

I found this 'coffee and paste' on a blog I pop into now and again and I loved the idea - makes an excellent change from my normal style of posting - thanks pip


  1. That was very interesting to read. A good idea. I also followed your links. That new book looks interesting.

  2. What an interesting and fun way to give us so much news and insight into you yourself Hawthorn - I really enjoyed reading it and it's made me think about all the things that are happening around us on a daily - daily? - minute by minute basis that we often don't think too much about or worse - take for granted! Thank you!
    Enjoy your days back at work and keep smiling!
    Joy x

  3. What a lot you are doing at the moment. There was one item missing from the list, unless I missed it, and that is work.....

  4. I like that form of blogging. I may have to steal that some time. :)



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