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Lindisfarne - an island love - holiday roundup

Just writing about this sandy little tidal island makes me wish I was back there. Not that I would like to live there, too many tourists (!) but just to wander through the secret dunes or beach combing for choice morsels of shells or sea glass along the huge stretches of sand.

Of course, lots of photos were taken - I am sure my freckles on my nose were multiplying happily.

Eldest reverted from neanderthal teenager to a fun loving holiday lad, using shells to make silly faces.

What a view whilst drinking tea.
Lindesfarne - I love you.

PS. Thank you for popping in and saying hello - I have missed you, 

hawthorn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Just as I was looking at previous blog this popped up. Good timing. As ever lovely pictures of endless sands and huge skies. Brings back happy memories to us too. x

  2. Hello Hawthorn - I'm a bit haphazard with my blog viewing just lately but will catch up - in the meantime just had to quickly say I also love Lindisfarm and thank you so much for the reminder pics. Such peace and tranquility - away from the tourists!!!
    Joy x

  3. Great photos. Huge blue skies, never been there so perhaps I ought to!

  4. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog via Elf Sufficient. Stunning pictures! We were there too just a fortnight ago. I love it too :-)

  5. That looks a wonderful, healthy place to be. Gorgeous photos, I'm not surprised you'd like to be back there.
    Thanks so much for popping by to say hello, thanks for your lovely comment on my shawl.
    Happy week x

  6. All that wide open space - how wonderful and captured so beautifully.

    Nina x


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