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A quick and easy How To.

We bought a wonderful preloved pine table and four chairs a little while back. The seats came with their own padded cushions, which - while acceptable and kept us (well our bottoms) comfortable, their covers were not really our style and the colours didn't do anything for me. It took me a fair time to actually find something I liked so until I did, we used the original seatpads.

For some reason, Youngest's cushion kept being torn away from the ribbons holding it to the chair. A number of repair jobs were needed. Then Eldest cushion went by the same way - the chair spindles kept the ribbon tie and the cushion was torn off.

When I finally found some new cushions that ticked all the boxes, they were duly ordered and when they arrived in the post I danced around with glee (which caused alarm initially then amusement as the parcel had arrived at work and my colleagues were not expecting my reactions) Triumphantly I took them home, removed the original seat pads, tied the new cushions on to the spindles and stood back feeling rather smug.....until less than a week later, Youngest leapt up from his seat only to find that some how he'd ripped off BOTH ribbons and his cushion went flying.

I was horrified! MY NEW CUSHIONS!!

Later the same day, I watched as Himself sat down and I saw what the problem was.  By tying the cushions to the chairs - each time some one sat down, the ribbons were pulled tight and the stitches were straining. Repeated getting up and down (and as those who know my Youngest - he is not one to sit still) eventually puts the stitches through such stress that they give up and the ribbon becomes unattached.

A cunning plan was needed - now this is where the How To finally come in.

How To - make no-more-tear-ties for seat pad cushions

  • You will need elasticated cord - approx 20 - 25cm per 'tie'
  • Colourful beads - with large enough holes to thread the cord through
  • Scissors

Cut the cord (I had originally purchased 2 metres) into equal lengths, 
thread on beads and knot the ends tightly.
Tie the elasticated cord to the cushion using the ribbons, 
finishing with a bow. 
Then, place your cushion on the chair, 
tie the elasticated cord to a spindle and arrange your ribbons.
Having made the first set, I decided to add more beads, 
using the colours of the fabric to influence my bead choices.

Now, when Youngest gets up and down (and up and down and up and down and yadda yadda yadda) the cord stretches and relaxes, taking the strain the stitches had previously had to contend with and the cushions remain firmly attached to their ribbons and remain fast on the seats!
Yay me!!
Happy happy :)

If you use this idea  - that's brilliant, I only ask if you could link it back to this page - thank you!!

Go on - have you had a crafting moment that has saved the day?
Have you beads in your stash just waiting to be used?
And do you have a child that is a fidget-knickers?

I love hearing what you get up to!



  1. Thanks for solving my problem!!! Beloved keeps breaking the ties on the seat covers to my fact. So now I know how to repair them! You are brilliant! Yes Beloved is also very fidgety, sometimes I think he must have ants in his pants......

    1. Really glad this idea has inspired! I got the cord from Empress Mills, and it was really reasonably priced x

  2. What an excellent idea. I got rid of the seat pads as they were always breaking. I might have to get some more and try this. Thanks.


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