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Autumn equinox

A shift happens for us in the northern hemisphere today - the sun seems to be quietly leaving us for southern skies.
There is definitely an autumnal nip in the air and the duvet in the morning seems more and more reluctant to let me leave it's warm and snuggly embrace.
The drive to work through the country lanes has changed from summer greens to hues of russet, orange and brown. I find it a mixture of melancholy and earthly decay. There is definitely a subtle crispness to the morning air.
Our summer this year, although not particularly wet, wasn't particularly warm and sunny either, has slipped away.  I hope that autumn will not follow suit but will sparkle and fizz and inject the final part of this year with something special.
On a more positive note it does mean an excuse to wear scarves and mittens and wrap myself in woolly goodness. It means boots and jeans and long socks. It means walks in marmalade and pickle coloured woodlands. It means lighting the fire and watching the cats gently melt in the warmth as they lie in front of the fire. It means lighting of candles and switching on of lights.  All ingredients needed to make a magic potion to keep me happy:)
And you?
What do you do to keep the doldrums away?
How do you keep your spirits us as the sun slips away?
What magic do you spin?


  1. I like to smell the changed evening air, cook and preserve fruits for the cold months ahead, rediscover my winter wardrobe and, like you, let fairy lights and candles light the gloom. It is, indeed, a season to treasure.
    Cathy x

  2. I too love the colour changes, the chances to wear warm scarves again and the smell of bonfires instead of the neighbours' barbecues! I don't think you can beat John Keats Ode to Autumn when describing this time of the year. Remember GM always used to say this was the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ".xx

  3. Yes, all of a sudden there has been a definite change. In answer to your questions, I just try to remain positive and focus on next year's spring and, fingers crossed, a slightly better summer! Plenty of time now to make plans!

  4. Just on catchup and loved your last post about the show. Autumn is lovely and the colours are actually, I think, more spectacular than any other time of year. Enjoy before it gets too cold. Take care.

  5. Hunker down on the sofa for longer evenings with a craft project, be it needle and thread or wool and a hook or knitting pins. Nice sunshiney colder days where you are wrapped up warm and cosy and off for a walk in the fresh air, remembering to take the flask along so you can have a warm up on the inside of something with a biscuit/cake treat thrown in.
    Equinox this year I was having a late seaside break, the sunset on the north west English coastline was magnificent.

  6. I found you again! You probably won't remember me but I used to blog on Elf Sufficient... So long ago!
    Beautiful pictures, I just love the colours of Autumn.
    xxx Sara


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