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hawthorn's September Scavenger photo-challenge

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - September's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!

Strings of dew-beads lightly weigh down
the finest gossamer threads.
Picture taken last month in Galloway, 
on an early morning walk before the boys got up.

BladeHimself has a selection of 'big-boy-toys' 
and they seem miraculously appear 
when I ask him to cut/drill/sand something for me.
Most recently - cutting slate to turn into mug mats.
Thanks love.

An Indian metal punched bowl tea-light
throws the most beautiful flickering glow.
As the day shortens and autumn then winter takes hold,
I rely on candles to bring light into our home.

Our summer holiday this year 
meant using ferries to enable us to reach our destinations.
Travelling over water made our break so much more magical.

BrightThis image originally decided that it would like to be used for 'filigree' -
I loved the way the grass criss-crossed the ice making a delicate pattern.
The photo then decided it would like to be earmarked for 'blade',
 then, finally it settled for 'bright'.

A couple of Thursdays ago, I was working in a walled garden, 
weeding and edging the vegetable beds.
The night before there'd been heavy rain 
and in the cool early morning sunlight,
there - between the flowers of a kale plant,
a number of wet bumblebees slept on.

A number of years ago, 
whilst visiting Anglesey,
we crossed the Menai Straits during a period of high tides and strong onshore winds.
This little island look less inviting than usual
and appeared to be barely floating above the high waters.

Ripe haws on the hawthorn tree.
The hedgerow fruiting trees seem to be more laden than usual,
and in this autumnal light, they seem to glow vibrantly.

Years ago, when our boys were little and our previous dog was young,
we'd been caught out in a hail storm.
We dashed for cover and waited until it had passed.
While we waited I noticed and was fascinated by the dog's fur which had splayed outwards.

A new beginning.
A newly weeded bed.
I love that 'before and after' look.

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  1. Wonderful photographs as always. You do seem to have a good eye for a picture. I will try to join in next month. X

  2. Lovely, lovely. The 'floating' island looks very precarious; don't think I'd like to live there. Favourite? Bright!

  3. so lovely. I won't be able to enter this month, I had a disaster and lost 18 months worth of photos which weren't backed up. because I am an idiot......

  4. Lovely pictures again. Hard to choose my favourite. Love the red Haws and remember well the island in the Swellies of the Menai straits. Love too the sleeping bees and the filigree candle holder, but think my favourite is the dew on the spider's web. So delicate. xx

  5. Lovely photos - the sleeping bees are wonderful - the reward for getting up early. And I love your words that go with each picture - the filigree candle and the hawthorn - a great challenging set of prompts this month.

  6. Beautiful photo of the dew on the spider web! Whau, the farm house looks like to be floating in the water. Wishing you a great Autumn!

  7. A lovely selection of photos. The web is beautiful and I love the sleeping bees. The newly weeded beds look so neat. If only they would stay that way!

  8. Finally having a look at the hunt photos & love some of your interpretations, especially the piece of ice & fur. Thanks again & take care.


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