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The next step.

In less five days, my eldest son who now can legally drive (congratulations my boy - the road is now yours - take it by the throat- but don't forget to indicate first...) will officially start uni.


Just typing that word triggers an uncomfortable swell of apprehension and pride with the accompanying welling up of tears. A quick blink to wipe them away - I can't be seen to be a 'soggy eyed' mum now can I?

But I am.

I am compensating for that impending leaving-of-the-nest-by-the-first-born by frantically getting everything ready for him. He rolls his eyes when, for the hundredth time, I ask if he has packed this or packed that. He sighs loudly when I insist he jumps in the car to purchase last minute thisiese and thatsisies. But - bless him - he humours me and we get on with my demands.  He has matured so much this last year and is happily ready for the next step.

I shall miss him. We all will.

I also had a need to give him something from me that he'd use ... so these last few evenings I have been knitting like a demon possessed. He now had a reversible beanie - dark charcoal grey one side and olive green with charcoal stripes on the other.
He put it on straight away and grinned at me - phew.

I have one more secret little thing for him to take away to uni,
but like you - he shall have to wait until I complete it :)

Excuse me - I feel the need to dab my eyes again.


  1. That's a great beanie hat. All good wishes to your young man (and you) on the next stage of his life. Another milestone. I bet it only seems five minutes since he started school. X

  2. Oh poppet. But he will have a warm head, and that is some consolation.

  3. It's a wonderful time seeing them taking the next steps. On the day we left C at uni I was simultaenously ecstatic for her and sad for me, but at least I managed to say goodbye dry eyed, no tears until we got home. He will be missed but you'll all be fine x

  4. (Hug) for you mum and wishing your young man lots of fun and happy times during his first year studying away from home.

  5. You are not the only one whose eyes start leaking at the thought of him leaving home and seeing how he has grown up so much in these past few months. Well done Eldest on passing your driving test FIRST time. Very impressed. xx

  6. What a lot Eldest has done this last 12 months or so. So much growing up done (big cheer on him passing his driving test). Where has the time gone since he was little? He will be fine (don't forget he has some good genes in his make-up!). Hugs and best wishes to everyone in your family.

  7. I am sure that all will be well, even if it will be odd. Good luck to your son, I hope he has a great time! xx

  8. I wish your son well in his first term. Mine hopes to go abroad for 3 months to do voluntary work in the Spring so I have a dry run at it before he takes up his deferred place next year. Like you I have mixed emotions but shhh don't tell himxx

  9. oh my. I am so gratefull that my eldest doesn't want to go to uni, I get to keep her for longer x


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