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April's Scavenger Photo Hunt

Welcome to my April's Scavenger Photo Hunt! Enjoy xxx

Eldest and I a couple of weeks ago, built four new compost bins for the walled garden we volunteer at. The Rangers had kindly sourced all the pallets for us and delivered them to the garden. It was up to us (and a huge flask of coffee) to make four bins before the end of the day. We surprised and pleased ourselves when, by lunch, we had finished! We celebrated by chucking in a load of weeds (and finishing off the rest of the coffee!).

The next few images I managed to get during the course of one weekend walk.  

This rusty bucket we spotted was in a field of lambs which Himself cheerfully decreed to be full of 'lamb-mines'. The metal was so oxidised it was paper thin and dust brittle. Wonder how long it has remained there against the wall, forgotten.

When, on a walk, we stop for a tea break, we 'crack open' the flask and have a biscuit or two. It is rather nice, sitting in the sun, usually alongside a stream or with a view, contemplating life and selecting a biscuit from this lovely box. As soon as I pressed the shutter, Youngest opened the tin and shared a ginger biscuit with his favourite girl :)
Thank you Youngest and Moss for sitting patiently while I took my picture. 

We've done this for years .... not taken ready made packed lunches when we walk...... we take the ingredients - bread, cheese, salad, tomatoes, sometimes ham or fish for the carnivores or pescetarian. When we are hungry, we find a suitable stopping place and I make sandwiches as Himself makes tea or coffee, we then sit and happily munch.  Our walks are more than just being out and 'collecting the miles', it is more about the collecting of memories, views, good lunch spots and photographs ...... and if we get a load of 'miles under our boots' it adds to a truly good day out :)

Begins with ... D
When the list of words for the Scavenger Hunt is collated, I make sure that I do not select words for images I already have. 
I ask the boys, I gather from listening to the radio, sometimes randomly they appear in my head. So, during the same walk, when we passed by this gate, I'd not not even spotted it.  It was Eldest's sharp eyes that saw it and he called me back - thank goodness he noticed!

This photograph must rate as one from a particularly special walk. We were in Uist, our first day and we'd set off from the campsite to explore the surrounding coastline. All along the sandy track to the dunes was the machar (native wild flower verges) which were incredibly vibrant. Dotted along the way were gently decaying old farm machinery. The boys being boys, had to inspect and investigate each and every mechanical skeleton along the way. I didn't mind, it meant I could study the plants and flowers and listen to the bees and hoverflies. 

Something seasonal
Back to our weekend walk. We'd forded a little rocky stream which Moss wanted to play in so the boys obliged. While the antics of the dog amused them, I was occupied by the activities of a busy bumblebee (I think it is a field bumblebee) on an emerging butterbur spike.

Recently finished 
These are finally finally finally done. They have given me sleepless nights and stressful days. I will be glad when I hand them over to their owner (by the time this is posted, I will have done so and hopefully will be skipping with relief and delight when they have gone!)

Begins with ... R
One of the neighbours buys and sells chickens at the local agricultural auction marts. So our feathered neighbours change frequently. During winter we rarely see them but as the weather warms the birds are let out of their sheds and they hop up on the the boundary fence and look longingly at the green things that grow in our garden - They are regularly evicted back to their pens!  (This handsome chap I suspect is a Barnvelder).

My own choice
This walk yielded so many pictures for this month's list and 'My Own Choice' just had to be Youngest and these two. From a distance, we thought we were approaching a flock of sheep but as we neared, two small cream coloured creatures turned out to be ponies in 'sheeps clothing'!

See what I mean!

Now, I am off to check out other entries for the photo hunt, please do the same and don't forget to comment - we all love receiving them, they make our hearts go squeeee! (oh - is it just me then??!)


  1. What a lovely selection of photographs you have selected this month. As I scrolled down I thought..that must be my favourite, no that one is even better but when I got to 'My Own Choice' my heart went squeee and I found myself smiling at the gorgeous little mini ponies all bedecked in their sheep's clothing.

    PS Glad you have finally finished the bulls; they look very good all together like that. xx

  2. what a lovely photo collection. those sheep ponies are adorable x

  3. WOW! I love your photos. That's how we do our picnics. Best way. We're having an indoor picnic with the grandchildren tomorrow, similar ingredients

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. As always you have collated a beautiful collection of images, thoroughly enjoyed looking at them with my morning coffee whilst thinking about your walks.

  5. Oh, great Kate. Now that walk certainly yielded plenty & I think my favourite is the last with those gorgeous ponies. I can see how the slates probably worried you as I think it must have been such a large undertaking. Well done. Love your take on D and we also take either lunch already made or something to put together. Too expensive to keep buying these days. Thank you for supplying words & keeping us on our toes. Take care.

  6. I thought those were sheep too when I quickly looked at the photo. My personal favourite is the closeup of the bee.

  7. Love all the photo's. Those mini horses! What a good idea to take ingredients instead of slaving over sandwiches at home first! Definitely pinching this idea!

  8. Another great set of photos and stories. My favourite has to be the gate, closely followed by the rooster!

  9. What stunning photos, I love the sound (and look!) of your lunch! x

  10. What an excellent scavenger hunt and I love those photos - such a range of things :) I think I might take a look at your list for May and start hunting myself!
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  11. Great collection of photos Kate - I love the bee ... that is just beautiful. Your slate paintings are excellent - there's always an added pressure making something for other people isn't there.
    So glad to be joining in again and seeing what everyone's up to - thank you for keeping the hunt going


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