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That mat monster .... reader beware ...

Dear reader,

do take heed of my warning, look away now if you are faint of heart and lacking in courage. Dear sweet soul, should you read further and feel you can go on no longer, remember my cautionary words, you have been forewarned ....

Exhibit 1

Small, worn but loved mat. 
It lives a quietly unassuming life stationed at the patio doors. The sun gently warms its weave and threads and life is good.  Until .....

Exhibit 2

Small, furry and loved cat.  
She lives life to the full, our house and home are hers. The sun gently warms her fur and charges her batteries and life is good. Until ....

Exhibit 3
Large and fearsome mat monster.
It rears it's ugly head threatening all who cross it's path. Rapier like claws slash and grab any passing innocent foot or hand.  No one is safe. Teenage feet are dangerous enough in their own right but the mat monster shows no fear and launches an alarming attack. Blood has been drawn and cursing has been heard. Leaping up of slashed feet have been seen running and hopping out of harms way.

Exhibit 4
Small, furry and extremely brave cat.
Shows no fear, shows no mercy. The mat monster is slain (several times a day) and the mat itself is given a good kicking just for harbouring such evil monsters beneath its apparently benign ruggedness. Small cat magically transforms from a domestic purry-thing with grass green eyes and mackerel stripes to an ethereal mythical beast-creature with flashing eyes and flaming breath and dagger like claws the size of huge scimitar blades.  She has battled evil monsters for time immemorable. The vanquished mat monster is made to slink off, licking its mortal wounds.

Small cat - guardian of our sanctuary, our home, saviour of this motley crew of the human race, we salute you and your bravado - we are your servants.....

Errr, have your finished? I'd like to straighten the mat now thank you....


  1. Awwww..........and butter wouldn't melt....... Looks so cute.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hilarious. The fact she let you photograph is amazing. Ours when doing wrong. Stops. Innocent look, a yawn, and walks away.

  3. How funny. That's like Humphrey lurking in his orange plastic bag of choice and lashing out at my son when he went to stroke him. He has also sussed how to open his bedroom door [the catch is very weak] by shoving it with his shoulder....so now the teen's pillow is his bed of choice until I expel the little varmit..eww! Arilx

  4. Scary stuff, thank goodness such a brave little soul will battle the beast!

  5. Brilliant! Tears running down my face. She is so brave, having to fend off all those big feet. Micky, the cat who rented us, loved to be in a cardboard box with a small hole, just big enough to get his foot out as you went by. Thanks for the memories!

  6. Love it! ...and glad you know your place.

  7. Now that certainly put a smile on my face to start the day. I do miss my cats, but played with 2 little ones on Monday/Tuesday whilst minding the grandies. We also saw one "big" cat at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Post will e....ventually come about that, when our busyness subsides. Ooh it's been a hectic April. Thanks for this post, loved it & take care.

  8. Adorable mat monster you have there. That face.....Oh my. Thankfully, I wasn't harmed by continuing to the end.

  9. You are so lucky, having brave little Pepper to look after you all. Keeping the carpet monster at bay is quite a feat! 🐱😊xx

  10. Aww, bless - everyone needs to have a purrpuss* in life. Sorry I have been so AWOL of late; ceasing my own blog had the unexpected side-effect of triggering a digital detox and I've not been on any computer much recently ...

    (* yeah, sad pun, works better if you say it out loud!)

  11. A fearless furry friend you have and so adorable, those eyes..... dreamy! very deserving of a little treat for bravery in battling the enemy!

  12. Another wonderful tale from you, thankyou for sharing and your purry friend is just gorgeous.

  13. adorable. our cat does something similar with the bath mat, but not in such a cute way x

  14. She's gorgeous! Brilliant photos (and a rather lovely attack mat!) x

  15. This was a perfect way to start my day. Still smiling. :)

  16. cute! my parents' cats love hiding under blankets and things too. Your kitty is so cute with the mat, and lovely mat by the way!


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