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A door to the imagination

Thank you photo-hunters for your excellent pictures and stories- a real mix of tales and images, you certainly made my blog-reading-day! I love that, despite you all having the same list to work from, you all have such a individual stories to share. Thank you again.

One or two of you noticed I'd not joined in this month - my apologies, I fully intended too however, I was so so busy (beyond busy) with the art event I was part of, something had to give. (Housework and gardening also fell by the wayside!!) Anyhoo, I thought I would make up for my absence by sharing a story or two of my own leading up to our TAM weekend.

We have, in the village, resident 'fairies'. The small and magical kind - with little wings and pretty dresses. They even have a facebook page where their exploits and adventures are shared.  I first noticed their presence when little fairy doors started to appear in the surrounding area. I was intrigued (as were other villagers) and took photographs.
These little beautifully made doors have working door latches, the cutest little hinges and door numbers and best of all - best of all, are the stories that they bring, the questions they create.
Who lives behind those little doors? 
Where do they come from?
 Are they really magic?

Oh yes the children say, oh yes agree the delighted parents. 

It is wonderful walking along and catching the delightful conversations between parents and children as they spot these little magic doors. Sometimes they vanish, then reappear, other times they have a spot of magical TLC after little hands have tried to open the doors a little too hard. Fairy Magic is strong and protective.

I'd wished really hard that I had one in a tree near me.  

The fairies must have heard me and with a sprinkle of fairy dust and just a day or two before the art weekend - Not one.....
...not two...
...not just three...
but four, four enchanting little portals to another world, 
where fairies dwell and secretly appear
and leave magic
and make smiles
and share happiness.

Thank you Edith Mouse -
your magic is so very appreciated xxxx

Ok - back to business - As usual, our November photo scavenger hunt will be the last of year, December tends to be a little too busy! Julie from Julie's Scrapbook is running her annual Advent Calendar Link up and will be posting all the details on the 1st November - I shall be joining her - hope you will too :)

So, November's words are....drum roll please......

1. Blue
2. Me
3. Starts with a ...... W
4. Rainbow
5. Arch
6. Toy
7. Swirl
8. Brush
9. Nail
10. My own choice

A photograph inspired by a word, 
words inspired by the photograph.  
Remember to think laterally and interpret at you fancy, 
be it a current photo or one from your archives - Enjoy!


  1. I love the magical doors, they're fun!

    Thank you for the mention re my Advent Scavenger Hunt.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Oh how sweet those fairy doors are, I may have to try and find some of my own.Thankyou for the list for November i will endeavour to get organised this month.

  3. Thanks for November's list. Advance warning! I've a hell of a few weeks to come and I will try my best to be there but apologies if I don't make it.....

  4. Thanks for the wee door story & now I have a little idea brewing.?!?!? After we spoke last night, I thought I wonder what our November words will be, but thought you'd put them up later this week, so now we sure have fair warning for next month. We too have a busy month, but a few of the days will probably end up as posts on blog. Thanks again & yes I'll more than likely join in with Julie for December too. (if it's not too difficult). Take care & huggles.

  5. My goddaughter Bronte is obsessed with fairies, so seeing fairy doors really makes her day. I have bought her a felt fairy house lamp from the makers market at Hebden Bridge for Christmas. Thanks for putting up the new words and hope you manage to join in.x

  6. I love anything to do with Fairies, the little doors look so cute. What a lovely story.
    Thanks again for doing the scavenger hunt.
    Amanda xx

  7. Oh, how delightful, I love the fairy doors, thank you for sharing your photos of them and also for the November scavenger hunt word prompts:)

  8. I'm new (or fairly new) to your scavenger hunt: does this mean that we link in at the end of the month, please? Meanwhile, I love those fairy doors!

  9. Love the fairy doors, especially the one with the toadstools. I must admit I only found that one unaided, needed your prompting to find the rest. The fairies had hidden them well. xx


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