Just about bordering on odd, I see things through different eyes.The heading says it all - I live, I love, I craft, I am me...


When in reality ... what I SHOULD be doing is .....

With lists whirling around in my head 
(To-do-list/Must-not-FORGET-list/Jobs-to-complete-list/ must-sort-out-the-garden-and-plant 
the-perennials-out-list, )
 and that uncertain feeling of 
'is there something very important that I have forgotten that I must 'to-do'?' 

We set off for a walk yesterday afternoon. 
I have to be honest in saying I really did not want to go - 
I wanted to work through at least some of those niggling lists 
even if it was only tinkering in the garden planting out a few large seedlings 
while the soil is still reasonably warm.
Which in itself is a form of procrastination.

However, it was worth it.
 I did feel a lot better afterwards and I think that we all benefited from a bit of fresh autumnal air. 
The lists had to wait, 
they wait still, 
but their turn will come.

#staywild #walk #autumn


  1. Sometimes its good to have a walk even when you don't feel like it, it does as they say clear the cobwebs and clears your mind.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Beautiful photos! I had a lovely walk there myself a few years ago with the in laws but just a very quick one - I'd love to revisit!

  3. I also agree with having a walk. Never ever thought I would say that, I always used to claim I was born with wheels. Today I have done so much I am proud of myself. You will get there. I was on the point of saying our exhibition would collapse but onwards and upwards. I shall have lots of questions for you when its all over. Good Luck for now.

  4. I often think, do I have to get out there for a walk! But I usly feel better when I do. And your lovely photos prove it was worth it. :) x

  5. A change is as good as a rest....there's truth in that phrase. Really is a golden time of year isn't it!

  6. Looks like Miss Moss had a good time too! Not been there for years so I ought to make an effort.

  7. I'm so in agreement with getting out & taking a walk, though getting into the countryside is much easier for you than us. Too much suburbia happening here with more development coming. Enough said on that "very" sore point. I love the toadstools, rust colour leaves, pebbles & that barn is amazing. Good luck with TAM & take care.

  8. Love the photographs. So autumnal, can almost smell the dampness. The cruck barn is looking fantastic. Not seen it for ages. Moss certainly enjoyed it - then it does not take much to please a dog - any walk will do!!

  9. Lovely photos and a jolly nice walk, Autumn and Spring have to be my favourite time of the year.
    Amanda xx

  10. Moss looks like she's having fun with that stick in the water.

  11. Beautiful photos! Looks like Autumn has get there. Here we started Fall and few days ago when the wind was mighty one could really see the meaning of the word Fall. The leaves were coming down from those trees like a rain and many are now bold with no leaves left. :) Your dog is so adorable!

  12. And what a walk you had...the photos look amazing. x

  13. I love that picture of Muddy Moss - she looks so fulfilled and relaxed, lump in throat thinking of how different her life used to be ❤️🐾🐾❤️

  14. What a wonderful walk and a soaking wet doggy.


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