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Autumn and I

I've already written a post then deleted it. 

So, I gave up with that line of waffle, 
changed my story and started again. 
Welcome to my third attempt...

Autumn is truly here. Frosty mornings, chilly nights and trees rapidly losing their leaves.
The garden has lost the brighter colours of summer
and taken on the shades of seasonal decay. 
I love the way the spider webs sparkle in the softer autumnal light. 
It was such a lovely afternoon that,
once we'd eaten lunch, 
we pulled on boots and layers of woolly things,
and set off for a walk.
We set off up the hill to the playing fields,
there is still a fight to try and keep them,
but local government are intractable
and unaccommodating as ever.
I fear we will lose our small square of land,
due to lack of money.
Moss - with the animal clarity of the 'here and now'
didn't give two hoots (or rather two woofs) about the potential loss,
choosing to wallow in muddy puddles,
race around in mud
and generally have a silly grin on her face.
Having left the playing fields, 
our path narrowed down to a muddy trail.
The gentle scent of fallen leaves and wood smoke
fill our nostrils. 
We followed a stream which Moss splashed through,
the water was icy cold but she reveled in it!
The footpath rose up and over the fields. 
Then dropped back down to join the river,
which wound it's way into our local nature reserve.
The old mill pond, full of rushes and reeds, is almost silted up.
The ducks find it a quiet sanctuary.
The path became rather busy with dog walkers
and promenading couples, we chose to turn off 
and followed the less popular (very muddy) woodland track.
Cue squeals and giggles as we slipped and slid
our way while Moss charged about,
although more surefooted than us, still slipped and fell -
causing more laughter.
Happy Silly Dog.
As we headed for home,
the sky turned to the most brilliant purples and orange.

If this is Autumn, then she can stay,
Summer was a bit of a limp lettuce,
Winter and I don't always see eye to eye
and Spring seems a long way away.

So, yes, Autumn you can stay xx


  1. Much as I love all the brilliant colours of the leaves, the more muted shades of the seed heads etc come into their own for me on a brilliantly bright day.

  2. Circumstances beyond my control have stopped me doing a daily walk so to read about your recent walk was very therapeutic as I know this walk. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dogs love the weather whatever don't they. The muddier the better! Sorry about your playing field. I hope it is saved. You remember the petition you signed? Well our voices were heard and there will be no dog walking restrictions in Clitheroe.:) Thanks for signing. X

  4. Looks like a wonderful walk. Moss had a great time.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful photos Kate - I'm so lazy about getting out and walking and these days have been very lovely here too - I love the crunch of the leaves. As long as it stays dry I'm happy with Autumn :) We're heading over to your part of the world in a couple of weeks - hopefully the weather will stay like this for a while.

  6. A thoughtful and energizing walk.
    All the best,for keeping that communal space. It is important

  7. What a lovely post to read and a super walk with you too. Today here it is grey and raining so we will have a wet walk later . A certain little lady loves the water too ,the smellier the muddier the better ,but if that is not available a roll in the sea will do. Woodsmoke hmmm love that smell. Just bought a candle called Log fire and its gorgeous. We cannot have real fires (no chimneys). Have a good week.

  8. Lovely photos, looks like such a nice place to go for a walk. I am so happy Autumn is here!

  9. Thank you for taking us on the walk in photos. Even though I struggle with extreme heat in summer & freezing cold in winter, I do think all seasons have their moments. It is supposed to be Spring in our part of the world, but the last week has seen snow on the higher alps & even a passing sleet shower here in our town. More like winter, though next weekend it is supposed to get up into the low 30's. Crazy!!!! Hope you somehow get to keep the playing fields, but I know what "progress" means as we're losing so much farmland & green open space here that we'll soon be a suburb of Melbourne & not just a commuter town in the countryside. Loved your photos. Take care.

  10. Beautiful post :) I really miss going for walks at the moment (still renovating, weekends are full of house stuff) so really enjoyed tagging along on your walk :)

  11. Thanks for taking us along on your walk, autumn in your part of the world does look beautiful.

  12. What a lovely autumnal walk. Thanks for sharing it. Xx


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