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Midweek micro adventure

Yesterday, after a not particularly constructive day, 
I felt I - in the words of Bilbo Baggins - needed to
 'Go On An Adventure'.

Moss agreed, so when it was time to meet Youngest, Moss and I set off with a plan - 
well ok, the plan was mine but she was so dizzy and excited 
that we could have done anything and she'd be happy!
Our micro-adventure ingredients were:
take away teas,
(from the local nature reserve cafe)
clues and a pen 
(for a spot of geocaching)
and the camera. 
Youngest of course is always up for an adventure...
...and despite being stiff and walking like a wind-up clockwork toy
(he's taken up running)
we set off, following footpaths old and new.
Moss. needless to say,  was d.e.l.i.g.h.t.e.d!
We found what we were looking for,
quickly signed the log book (in this case a slip).
And even more happily, we bagged another cache.
There are few round here, think we'll gently collect them 
when weather and time permit.
There was something special about walking with my son
through damp autumnal woods,
sipping hot tea from cardboard tumblers,
watching a dog charging around in the mud.

It turned a rather mediocre day
in to one far nicer.
It certainly set me up for my next painting.

Now that can't be bad :)

#art #walking #geocachinguk 


  1. Better day than mine! Landscape painting! Is that something new ? I struggle with landscapes.

    1. Landscapes and buildings are things I have painted on and off for years, they sort got ignored while I have been doing the slate work. Which is why I am practicing again, feel rusty with the views and need to get back to them :)

  2. Sounds good. I love micro adventures, whether walking, or driving, as we did today & go itt caught in a monstrous thunderstorm. I'll tell you about some time soon. Love, love that painting!!!! Have a good weekend & take care.

  3. Consider yourself very lucky to have a walking companion. I used to bribe my youngest to come with me and not even that works now. Those are beautiful photographs and I can see why they inspired a landscape painting! Moss looks pretty inspired too!

  4. How lucky that there are geocaches in your special woodland place. You will have to add more. Nice for youngest too, a walk with his dog and Mum, a break from schoolwork. Love the landscape. xx

  5. Sounds a great adventure to me! Moss never seems unhappy when outside!

  6. A woodland walk with the finding of hidden treasure, sounds perfect.

  7. Have you ever heard of the Leper colony at Taddiport...would make a fantastic painting subject looking from Castle Hill down...there are still the tiny field strips...looks like you had an idyllic walk x


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