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Tuesday's thoughts

I find that the first part of the morning, once the house is mine .... 'stops'. More so at this time of the year when it is still dark outside.

I sit down with the remains of my first mug of tea, usually it has gone cold but frugality refuses to allow it to be thrown down the sink. Sometimes it is reheated in the microwave (occasionally more than once) before I finally down it. But today's I drank cold - seemed silly to spend time/money/effort to warm a mouthful of tepid tea.

This is the time I allow myself internet access. Write those emails, post those stories. Update the various facebook pages I manage, the blogs I write. Then, if I am lucky I can get out the to studio around 9am.  I love going out to the studio - I love the view from the window, the birds coming and going, the small patch of sky between the trees, observing the changing garden from robust summer foliage to softly decaying leaves and stalks.

Today is dank, wet and let's face it - dreary. Which does nothing for my mood ergo my creativity. However, I know that going to the studio, switching on the light, the radio and the heating will turn the mood around and get me feeling more motivated.

But first, kettle on - then when I am out there in my little sanctuary, I, with a mug of hot coffee, can watch the birds before picking up the brushes.

I shall just have to generate my own sunshine!

Bring on the day :) 

And you?
What are you up to today?
What little bit of sunshine made you smile?
What ever you do,
have a lovely day xxx


  1. Sorry...can't drink cold tea...and no microwave...just me the mutt and a list here today. x

  2. I know what you mean about drinking tepid tea because I have got engrossed in what I am doing. This morning I had coffee with a friend, then this afternoon I shall be packing to go and stay with son and daughter-in-law for a few days

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I'm really slow these mornings - but 10-15 minutes (or longer if I can manage it) doing morning pages before going online get me switched on. Then some admin after breakfast and onwards we march. Don't get around to practice and voice work until later in the day ... My poison of choice in the morning is Redbush Tea and it's lovely cold.

    1. Funnily enough the only time I could drink Rooibos was when I was pregnant - it was the only thing that stayed down. Soon as I became human again, I could not stomach Rooibos and don't even like the smell!!

  4. I have cappuccino x 2, internet. Every other day pulmonary exercises. After wash, dress etc. Walk after lunch then the shedudio. Its been a lovely day here, sunshine, no wind, no rain. I am lucky.

  5. I have been trying to learn a new tune to John Barleycorn so that I can sing it for one of our Morris dancing stories...it's proving a bit of a challenge!

  6. HOT, after our early morning walk to beat the heat we'll be getting today. Put the washing out early, fed the birds, pulled some weeds all before the walk & it's just about time for our 10am coffee. Just sitting checking my own blog & realise how busy everyone must be as nobody is commenting, or I am too boring these days. Oh well, maybe it'll just be photo hunts for me. Keep warm & take care.

  7. I often forget about a mug of tea and end up microwaving it. It's funny how rooibos is either a love or hate drink. When I first tried it I almost chucked the entire box away, I thought it was disgusting. Not wanting to appear wasteful I persevered and now it's my daily tea when I'm not drinking coffee. An acquired taste for sure.

  8. Tuesday is my book group that I run at the community centre, a lovely afternoon with like minded local people, fun and chat all afternoon (with tea and biscuits)!

  9. Your studio is in a excellent place. In summer you get the lovely light between dappled leaves and when then have all fallen you get to see the sky between the stark bare branches. xx


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