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March's words and photos

March's words and photos - enjoy.

The day we walked on Feizor Thwaite moor, we were looking for this.
A propped stone - created by the ancients to make a 'portal' or window. 
The angle of the flat top stone is 30 degrees. The combination of the flat top slab is gritstone, the small prop stone is sandstone cobble and the bedrock is limestone. According to those who know - 'an unlikely natural arrangement of rock which confirms its deliberate arrangement.'
We did not stay long enough to investigate what we could spy through the window, 
we will check it out next time!

Well, two actually :D

Again two. I was looking for a particular photo for this prompt (which I have used in My Own Choice) when I came across these two. My boys - when younger used to love vaulting over gates and would practice climbing up then swinging over the top, landing with a thud, grinning and climbing up again!

A cornflower from my garden - taken last summer.

In early summer, before it gets too warm, the greenhouse is in great demand with a certain cat.
She quietly slips in between the pots and spreads out,
gently melting in the warmth.

My Own Choice

This photo - taken in 2011 - on a gloriously sublime May morning is one of my favourites.


  1. Great photos, the boys swinging over the gate have been captured perfectly. Love the cat behind the plant pot, and the cornflower is beautiful :)

  2. The cornflower is a beautiful example for ragged. I love the flat stone and of course cats love warm places. My little cat Slinky ( she is tiny) would probably fit inside the plant pot. 😁

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Kate. You have an eye for what makes a great photograph. I love the 'swing' ones. What is it about children and gates? It's very rare Lily will actually just walk through one, usually choosing to climb over instead. X

  4. Lovely selection of gorgeous photographs as usual. The flat stone is very interesting. Love the blue raggity cornflower, colour gorgeous. How the boys have grown since those pictures were taken. Double wheel picture is very clever too. xx

  5. Oh that I could get over a gate like this! The swing photo is wonderful. Like your idea for ragged too. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Great photos Kate. I do love the boys swinging over the gates. Glad I'm not the only one to do "double ups". Your cornflower is certainly pretty & anything with animals is always top of my list of likes. Thanks for our great hunts & take care. PS. I had trouble linking up, even though I chose a different photo & put my name as the caption it all went haywire. Sorry!

  7. I love the two photos of your boys swinging over the gate ... perfectly captured!

  8. Beautiful as always. Love seeing Pan curled up in the greenhouse, and the propped stone now on my ever-growing list of wonderful places to visit.

  9. Such great photos, I wish I had the energy to swing in the gate, instead I find the cornflower very restive, thank you.

  10. Love these photos!! Children have such energy!! Love it!! You live in a beautiful place!!

  11. Great photos, I love the ones of the boys swinging the gate!

  12. Great pictures! The propped stone is a wonderful site, and taking the pictures of both children almost exactly at the same moment of their swing over the gate is prodigious! Thank you very much for hosting!

  13. Oh I love those swing photos - you can feel the whoosh in your stomach coming down the other side .... your cat makes me want one to cuddle - getting serious cat urges these days :) And the stones are really fascinating - people knew so much in olden times to be able to make those deliberate arrangements. Thanks again for organising this Kate - I look forward to it each month.

  14. Lovely selection for March.
    Perfect spot for a kitty nap, Dh often finds one of the neighbours cats in the greenhouse snuggled up between the pots.


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