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Monday meanderings

Once again, my lovely lot, you have done yourselves proud - I set you some interesting words and you all rose to the challenge - well done! And talking of challenges - the link up was a little flummoxing too. Let's hope that will be the last time I have to download a new version.

Well, I better give you the words for March - hopefully it will get your creative juices going. 
Remember it is a photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos.

My own choice

We'll share and show our photos on Friday 29 March 

I shall leave you with a grubby white cat-loaf, Pan, sitting on my 'display' seat (see photo below). 
With Storm Freya dancing outside, 
this very independent cat chose to sit in the studio with me 
(well she chose to sit in the studio - I just happen to be there too) 
A compromise - she is outside, while being inside coz the outside is so horrible.

Have a lovely week xx


  1. Already got some ideas for this month's words! Why has Pan got a penknife/Swiss Army knife within paw's length? The new linkup tool would not load on my iPad so had to keep nipping back to my PC; not a problem as I am usually a few metres from it but annoying if I was not!

  2. Good morning Kate - well at least Pan will make you feel warmer looking at him :)
    The words were so much fun for February - really made you think - I immediately thought, looking at this new list, that I hope no-one, ie me, gets a flat wheel to illustrate lol
    Have a great week.

  3. Thanks for the new words Kate. Last lot were real mindteasers, but I'll be taking my camera out with me on Sunday (umh... I always do anyway), to the Lost Trades Fair & may come away with a few beauties, I hope. We've light rain this morning, which I'm hoping is helping our poor weary fire fighters. The garden is probably enjoying too. I also noticed the penknife? Have great end of week & take care.

  4. She was busy looking after the pen knife...you should be very grateful!

  5. Love the photo of Pan, she's doing a very good job of looking after the penknife :)

  6. You were lucky being honoured by Pan's presence, even if it was only the lousy weather that brought her inside. Anyway, she was on penknife guard duty that morning. Love your Sheep picture. xx

  7. Lovely Pan, a vet-bed seat pad has to be a good place to while away the day.

    Is the knife an analogous threat as to what she will do to anyone who disturbs her? 🐾

  8. Thank you for the list of words,Kate. Some are already inspiring for me while others will require a little research. Pan could sleep safely armed to the teeth, and Freya was well advised to keep outside the studio! The sheep painting is very powerful! Wishing you a nice creative day.

  9. Ah! There's nothing better than a cat loaf! I love your gorgeous sheep too, April x

  10. Our cat midge sits in the conservatory looking out at the bad weather. You almost think he's laughing at the birds on the feeders getting wet.


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