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A path less trod

A phrase I try to aspire to - although not one that is that easy to achieve. I suppose you can make the meaning of that sentence bend and flow as you need it for your own life. Whether you use it figuratively or symbolically.

Today's post takes the literal meaning of the path less trod.

Although this little path can be easily taken, most walkers seem to steam on ahead along the main route, ignoring the quiet invitation. Yesterday, I stepped off that often busy and certainly muddy way and lead my little pack into the trees.

Moss, ever ready, shot on ahead, I chose to ignore the quizzical mutterings of the other two.

It was like stepping off into the unknown. Falling from a causeway into a secretive space. The air felt different and my two, who'd been deep in conversation in a mechanical masculine vein soon fell under the spell.
The path meandered through larch trees, quietly heralding spring with the tiniest pink buds.

I collected a few that had fallen and Himself held them for me - we left them on a mossy log - the colours were beautiful.

The little woodland finished all too quickly but we had all felt it's magic.

We will return.


  1. I love little paths like that, the ones which lead to the magical places. And the larch flowers are quite beautiful, I shall have to look out round here for them.

  2. Superb colours where the trunks have been cut. Gotta love fresh cut wood.

  3. I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for the larch buds. They're such a sumptuous colour.

  4. Ah Kate, the best way to find unexplored territory. We do it too, both on foot & whilst driving. I so love the way you've captured it in the photos for us to appreciate too. The little pink buds are so pretty against the soft green moss, the mossy stone walls & Moss sauntering along without a care in the world. Notice a word theme?(giggle). Thanks for sharing, have a great week & take care.

  5. Ohh it's wonderful to take magical walks through a forest like this. Such gentle buds! If someday we get to visit England I would love to take a nice nature walk like this. We are covered in snow and just had another snow storm yesterday. Thanks for sharing these lovely images.

  6. I have never noticed those buds. They are beautiful. Nice to see the Roe Deer too. They rarely ever stand still!

  7. Last year I saw larch buds for the first time, walking to Wycoller. The buds are an amazing colour; thanks for the reminder. Glad you are getting some steps in as I am not!

  8. Moss, as ever ready for an adventure, looks so keen to explore the secret pathway through the little wood. The larch buds are such a lovely colour. Hope high winds today don't blow them off. xx

  9. This is a delightful green setting where we feel like nestling. Moss seems to fully appreciate this little haven. Greetings from Sandrine


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