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February's words

All the images, apart from taste, are from one walk from last Sunday - enjoy x

The soft swish-scrunch of each boot as we walk through the moorland grasses which are winter dry, brittle and crisp. The seashell roar of the light breeze past my ears, carrying the peewit cries of the lapwings and the haunting whistle of the lone curlew. A quietly constant deep rumble from distant tiny cars travelling along narrow lanes far on the horizon. The chatter from Youngest who is a steady source of random facts and stories. The click of the lid from the flask, the plop and sploosh as tea is poured and finally the crunch of a biscuit as I bite into a digestive and drink in the view.

That muddy sludge odour when the dog wallows in every boggy patch she can find. The ponds and puddles are beautifully 'stagnant' on the tops - giving dog-walking an added element of 'enjoyment', well, it does to one of our group.... 

That glorious feeling of warmed wood as I climb over a ladder stile. The ladybird basking in the sunlight confirmed my joy.

Homemade lemon drizzle and sticky ginger cake - two of our favourite tastes. 

My usual view, as seen from my perspective, is the sight of my walking pack several meters ahead. Their legs are longer, their stride more consistent and I stop to take photos. They chat - cars, motorbikes, politics and silly cat videos as seen on the internet. I listen to the trees, see the grasses, watch birds and think.

My own choice
That silly-dilly-dog finally rinsing off the black mud she has been caked in for the last couple of miles.


  1. Lovely post as ever. Your descriptions so fitted the topics and as for Taste - it could also have been Smell as I could smell the wonderful aroma of your ginger cake mmmmm and remember the taste of the lemon drizzle.!! Love the way Silly Dilly Moss is so in her element on her walks,,,always smiling.xx

  2. Lovely! Seeing Miss Moss having a good wallow makes me smile so much. Easy to select my favourite photo - the cakes! I've heard and seen curlews too. For me that is wonderful.

  3. How lovely. This morning I need the peace, the wholeness, the natural gentle beauty that you share. thank you.

    And of course, smell - oh, how I know that so well. Not so much from Daisy, she was a fastidious little girl, but our Ollie was a walking Mud Magnet and well acquainted with the hose upon returning home.

  4. Beautiful photos. I can hear the call of both lapwings and curlews such a wonderful sound. I'm usually the one a few steps behind on walks too:)

  5. I love your beautiful scenery & the words to convey sounds, smells etc. Very clever. I can't believe that 2 of your favourite bakes are the same as a couple I bake (in winter)on a regular basis. My ginger loaf, though is made with honey rather than golden syrup. Thanks for our prompts & now I have to try & get mine to publish, due to a few hiccups (NBN issues)& accidently (no maybe a seniors moment)publishing it last Friday. I'll try again now to get it to show. Take care & have a lovely weekend & great walking. Too hot here with 40.8deg today & more over the weekend.

  6. Very beautiful photos, it is as if we were having this walk with you and enjoying all the sensations of nature!

  7. Beautiful words Kate and great photos - I feel like I've been out on the walk with you :) x

  8. Love your walks and the photographs and the words.

  9. Lovely photos! I particularly like the wonderful cakes and your gorgeous wallowing dog! April x

  10. Love the little ladybird in the sunshine but my favourite just has to be 'sound' - your photo and descriptions are wonderful :)

  11. The approaching springtime is such a lovely sound when outdoors, a fest for the ears, loved your description.

  12. I like the way that you manage to turn the 6 prompts into a story that you can make from a single walk. The cakes didn't quite fit, but then I thought yes, that's your lunch stop. Well done.

  13. All lovely photos from your walk, but now I'm hungry!


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