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I was in that slightly unreal state of nearly drifting asleep, warm and comfy.

When I became aware of a conversation rumbling on in the background. I surfaced from my dozy state, my eyes still closed but my ears awake and listening..... nothing. Seemed all quiet. I managed to squint at the clock and saw it was 11.30pm (early night for me but I was tired so *yay for me getting to bed before midnight*)

There it was again - that conversation - still with my eyes closed, by ears on high alert I listened......
Then I realised where the sound was coming from.... my .... wide awake.... chatty ..... chatty.... brain.

Brain:  Alex and Darron and Shameema, who were the others? (1)
Me:  What???

Brain: If I walk over to Youngest this afternoon, which route shall I take ?  Hmmm (2)
Me:  Pardon???

Brain: I need to start at 9am tomorrow, Alex and Darron and Shameema, forgotten the others' names.
Me:  what is going on?

Brain: can you remember their names?
Brain: what is the weather tomorrow, do you think I can get a good walk? Alex, Darron, Shameema and and and???
Brain: I could look it up tomorrow - or you could get up and look it up now!
Me:  shhhhhhhh

I turn over, to get into a super comfy position to see if this soothes my busy brain..... nope.

Brain: I will have to look up their names, if I walk over to the sheep field and down the long gravel track, I could cross over to the rec.... wonder how long that would take?
Me:  G.o...t.o...s.l.e.e.p.....

Brain: What if I extend the walk along the route down to the river....?

Brain: HAHAHAHAH! look at the clock - I dare yah!
Me:  (fighting temptation to sneak a peak) Nope.

Brain: tra la la la, Alex, Darron and Shameema, walking, sheep, river, tra la lalalala

Me:  Right! That's It! I can't SLEEP!
I get up with a very gentle flourish (so not to wake Himself) and flounce (quietly) out of the bedroom and storm (on tip toes) down stairs in a dramatic (not) way to put the kettle on and shut.my.chatty.chatty.brain UP!

The cats look at me as I enter the kitchen - one with a squished up sleepy kitten face (jealous - much) and the other through the catflap - both seem bemused at my state.

Curled up on the settee with a book and a blanket, I see the time - 12.45 - hmmm, not too late, I can drink this tea, gently calm my happy chatty brain to a sleepy state. I wondered why it was so full of joy de vivre and bordering on garrulous but the lure of a warm brew and a snuggly cat soon made me forget and quietly read my book for a little while. (3)

All seemed quiet, so I shut off the lights, left the cat sleeping in my temporary settee-nest and tiptoed back to a cold bed - how long had I been gone? No - shshshshs don't think, just sleep.

Head on pillow, eyes sandpaper dry I felt relaxed and could feel the bed warming up - when....

Brain: Natalie!
Me: Yeah gods - are you still trying to remember all the names?
Brain: Yup - can you remember any?
Me: Nah.
Brain: hmmm. Ok, will look them up tomorrow.
Me: g'night
Brain: Did we agree on our walk tomorrow?
Me: shhh
Brain: How about if we go up the cobbles, down Claire's field, through the chicken farm, up the track to the lamb field....
Brain: then up to Germany farm to the track, down the track to mucky farm, through the next two fields then....
Me: will you shut the **** up

Brain: naughty
Me: shhhh

Silence. I lay quietly, feeling soothed, relieved that finally my brain had run out of steam and ....

Brain: .....down the track, to mucky farm, next two fields then depending on time, either through the village down to the nature reserve or along the farm to the river to the nature reserve....

Me: Purleeeese will you shut up

Brain: look at the time
Me: no
Brain: I dare you
Me: (whimpering) nooooooooooooooooooo
Brain: look.at.the.clock

Me - weakened by lack of sleep .... oh no - 3am

Me: sigh.

This morning I have come to the conclusion that my brain behaved like a persistent toddler last night, I am now presently tip toeing around coz it is still sleepy while I am up and having to be adult - I don't want to adult today. Humpfff.

1. Alex, Darron and Natalie, Elaine, Tony, Josh and Felix - Race around the World
2. #walk1000miles challenge
3. Reading - Wild Signs and Star Paths

Would you like to see a photo from yesterday's walk? I would - to soothe my jaggered nerves and tired brain .... good...


  1. Must be something you ate!
    Hope tonight is better.
    I listen to radio 4 where they drone on about brexit - sends me off in no time

  2. Brilliant! I hope you're feeling better as the day goes on....
    I get up and turn on the news on tv and cosy up on the sofa under a blanket and like Sue, their droning on puts me eventually to sleep - it drowns out the brain chattering - It was Elaine and Tony by the way lol Now you've started me wondering who the other two were!

  3. Goodness, I didn't think anybody else had a brain that misbehaved in the middle of the night like mine, but evidently there are some out there. I've never slept well, so understand only too well. Those lambs are so cute & glad you had a good walk. Sleep well tonight & have a good week ahead. Take care & huggles.

  4. That's just so funny I had to laugh :) Not funny for you though, I hope your brain behaves tonight and you get some decent sleep. Last night I had a bout of wide awake 'sleep walking'. Had been asleep for ages when I thought I heard one of the dogs yapping to go out - she yaps once every few seconds until I do something about it so on the second yap, and wondering why she wanted to go out at stupid o'clock, I went downstairs to let them both into the garden, only to find them both curled up in their beds and fast asleep! I must have been dreaming but the yapping seemed so real, though luckily I had no problem going back to sleep again once I got back in bed.

  5. Hey Susan - me too :-) I bluddy hate it when the brain decides it's playtime and the body wants to sleep.

    A cuppa doesn't work for me, but what does the trick nearly every time is a few drops of Bach Flower Essence "White Chestnut". I take it neat, none of this sipping a dilution in a glass of water nonsense! Does seem to turn the incessant chattering off long enough to get to sleep.

    Got to stroke some very small new borns this morning when I went to collect eggs :-)

  6. Ooh, please if you find out how to switch your brain off, do tell!! Please.... many nights it will not stop but I can't hit it.... I think the picture of the grumpy lamb says it all!

  7. I loved Race across the World! Stumbled on it by accident and got completely addicted. :) X

  8. I really feel for you. I find that mentally working out material for curtains helps me, for some strange reason. Good luck tonight.

  9. Those caffeine/worry fuelled nights! We've used mindful breathing which generally works..Breathe in, think "here"....Breathe out, think "now"....and repeat...

  10. That lamb looks like he's asking 'why are you taking my picture?'

  11. Hope you're feeling better. I have a bit too many nights I don't sleep well but I am of a certain age. Whau, those Pe teachers are incredible!

  12. I know just what you mean. I get up and do all the puzzles and crosswords in the back of the TV magazine. Do that till I feel sleepy then sleepwalk back to bed! That lamb is definitely challenging your right to take his photograph - or perhaps he had a bad night too. xx


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